Why Google Facebook Twitter and others are banned in China Russia

I saw this in quora. Very interesting explanation …

Why China and Russia Banned Google from their Country?
Because If your daughter is pregnant, Google will know it before you do.
If your boyfriend has a STD (Sexually transmitted diseases) Google will know it before you do. If a country is planning to build a new bridge or a railroad, Google knows about the project well before anyone else. If a company is looking for new partners abroad, Google will know about the project detail long before anyone else. If a group of activists is preparing a street protest, Google will know about the plan long before the local authorities will ever heard about it.
How is that possible, you may ask.
Simple. The first thing people do nowadays when they have an issue is to search it on the Internet using a search engine like Google.
Google records all your search keywords, but also use about 19 different checkpoints to make sure the search is tied to one single computer and one single person. If you have a Gmail account or Youtube account, you make thing much easier for Google.
How does it work?
If your teenager-daughter has her first menstruation, and want to know more about how to deal with it, she will go to Google to conduct a search. Now Google knows that your daughter has her first menstruation, before you’ll ever know.
If your girlfriend missed her menstruation for several days this month, and she is wondering if she got pregnant, she will go to Google and type something like “how to know if I’m pregnant”. From that moment, Google knows that your girlfriend has missed her menstruation and possibly pregnant.
If your wife is pregnant, and searched “I’m pregnant! What do I do now?” From that moment, Google knows your wife is pregnant.
Google then will add up your wife searches to any other searches on the same topic this month, and could reliably predict how many women are pregnant in a particular city at any given moment. This is also valid at a country level.
Google could reliably predict how many women got pregnant this month in France, how many have had miscarriage, and how many have gone through abortion.
When it comes to information about people, Google knows more about the life of the citizens of India or Kenya than the governments of India and Kenya will ever know. In one single click, they could have a picture of what a whole country is thinking, working on, hoping for, worried about, etc.
Now Imagine, the same data intelligence applied to companies and governmental institutions.
A Telecom engineer in Ghana is working for the government, and has been briefed on a governmental project to tax the local telecom companies not based on their self-declared accounting reports, but to implement national backbone routers’ data counter that will meter the data flow and exchange, and the telecom operators will be taxed based on the collected data.
The project was at a very early stage, and has yet to be discussed with seniors department managers, but our young engineer would like to conduct a feasibility study and seek for potential solution providers. He went to Google and conduct several searches on the topic. From that very moment, Google knows exactly what is going inside the Ghanaian Minister of Telecommunication.
Now apply the same logic to employees inside the Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance, Minister of Infrastructures doing searches on Google. You have a naked country, completly exposed to foreign espionage, because a foreign company knows everything about the intentions and early stages projects of the country.
No major country or any serious government could let a foreign company collects so much data on their citizens and strategic intentions and make them available to their government through secret courts orders.
Google is not just a simple search engine. It’s the biggest spying tool ever created.
These are the reasons why China made it impossible for Google to operate on their soil and promoted a local search engine Baidu which has now more than 80% of the market. The same for Russia which did whatever possible to promote their national search engine Yandex which has now more than 70% of the local market.
China and Russian did the same for Facebook. The Chinese Facebook is called RenRen and the Russian Facebook is Vkontakte. The Chinese version of twitter is called Sina Weibo. The image below clearly depicts how Chinese have been very active to grow local champions in almost every segment of social medias to avoid foreign eavesdropping.
Not all countries have the resources to shield themselves from foreign espionage while using search engines and social media networks, but African governments are the most vulnerable, and have to take actions to make sure their employees are not leaking out information on national projects and strategic intent while using these tools.
There are numerous solutions available to help governments, but the first step is to develop awareness about the danger of search engines and social medias in managing national security.

in my opinion I dont think they are banned in china because of spying concerns, I mean the Americans can easily know what is happening in china or russia without google or facebook - one can go online and zoom into a town in china and clearly see buildings, roads, some form of traffic and from that instead of even depending on google one can tell if there is more traffic heading to a hospital, or traffic going into a baby shop and form whatever conclusions they want.

This is a free online tool, one can only imagine what the government has access to, I think facebook and google are banned more from an economic perspective, and national pride/ego thing, I dont thin africa or the other poor countries have much to worry, if the west want to learn something about an african country I think google will be a more tedious route to follow.

Not true Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have advanced communication systems. America haiezi pata classified information from these nations.

Which is why I ask @Kennedy Maina and @BSMZOMQSOZ since the Chinese don’t use android apps why in the world do they still use android O.S?

Why can’t they build their own O.S?

Don’t reply. I don’t need your fake excuses and explanations.

@BSMZOMQSOZ said ati sijui a new O.S requires new apps… the Chinese have their own apps buda.

Kujenga O.S sio mchezo. Kujenga O.S ndio kizungumkuti.

I think they have an OS. Some of Huawei devices already run Harmony OS in China…

And I have a simple question for you, who in the world has the time to go through all these hard disks shown in minute 3 of this video???

Don’t you think you would require several million workers just to seat and sift through this gunk daily looking for sensitive info, a totally redundant exercise?


If only NSA could give you brief of what they are doing or can do.

Yet the Russian and Chinese want to spy on others


All these powerful countries are spying on each other and on us… So nothing new here

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Not if you categorize search words and install an application to sift through the muck

Niliskia fununu ati kuna vitu zinaitwa algorithms useing key words and phrases.

Ati hizo ma algorithms zinaweza ku scan ma GB kama zote in a sec

Ni serious sana ikiwa unafikiri scaning data ni msee ameka kwa computer aki soma messages za watu.

Ni kumaanisha bado uko na OS ya mainframe

2020 iko 21st century

KT tunaspyiwa na engine gani?

Beer baridi kwako. Do you even need to spy to know what Konyagi 1 is thinking? Si unajua tu ni loans. But on a serious note, things they will want to spy si vitu utapata Google(check wikileaks for confirmation).
Those countries block kina Google so as 1.) Build their own companies 2.) Spy on their own citizens - like Boniface Mwangi wa China. Kina Google wont let them

si Android is free and open source. What companies pay is for Google services on Android. But stock android is free. Hata wewe unaeza enda unda simu yako ya Android ukitaka. Sasa why make another OS na umeundiwa kitu safi?

Kama sasa sisi wote tunaweza fikiria ni jokes kuskia all major intelligence agences have an individual spy assigned to monitor kenyatalk/kenyalist and other .ke web spaces etc.

Wow dude, thanks a lot for the video. I am too lazy to look for such videos, but when someone posts something free, I watch it with great pleasure!!

Digital sovereignty. Low IQ bonobos would never understand that. What would happen tomorrow if Africa falls out with America and you are shut off from Google and GPS?

Africa needs to have an alternative of everything. Our own Google, our own Facebook, our own, nuclear weapons, our own GPS, our own semiconductors, our own cars,our own Boeing, our own Microsoft etc etc.
We need to do import substitution like the Chinese have done.
Until we do that, we’ll continue being slaves and at the bottom of the economic pyramid

Google timeline ni kali, it can pinpoint the exact choo ya kanjo uliingia, na ukatake how long , google can easily master your 8-5 routine, hata place unaenda lunch.


Ndio wasaidike aje? Sasa wakijua penye unaenda choo watabenfit aje ? We are not that important bana.