Why God is choosing women to do His work instead of the boychild

This explanation is so good. Please guys let’s subscribe to this channel. @Purple and team no women pastors come and hear this. For me I remember Samaritan woman and Mary Magdalena evangelizing during Jesus time. Why was Jesus not stopping them if it was wrong. The same Jesus lamenting about how the harvest is ripe but workers are few. Please listen to the message b4 ulete mafeelings. Wewe kama hujipendi kwa sababu wewe ni mwanamke that is your personal problem don’t spread your self hate to other women who are created in the image of God. Legalistic thinking ended with Jesus. Look at how Jesus related to women and tell me why you hate yourself and why you are always trying to jipendekeza to men by berating women. Mimi I love myself and I love women so much and I know for a fact that women are the prize bcz the Bible does not say anything like she who finds a husband finds a good thing so Sijui if there’s something you know that God doesn’t know. Me those legalistic things I have no time for them. What I know is that God loves me and I love me and the rest are details. We ukitaka kujidharau kufuraisha wanaume that is your own shauri. Don’t spread your misogynistic venom to others in the name of God. God is love. Skiza hii. Hear this.


Women and religion
Still a better love story than the twilight


Women want love and God is love. It’s like mkikuyu meeting a person who is made of money literally, they will never let them go. Listen to the message with out bias first then comment.

God is a misogynistic ego-maniac.

Goodluck in getting women to acknowledge that

Most of us are too gullible unfortunately. Nothing confuses me like staunch female believers. They fill up the churches and tell us to obey god’s commands when the same god literally says that women should shut the fuck up and be submissive in church.

Or is it that female are hiveminded and follow the general consensus without question