Why Gaining Experience And Being Experienced Is Really Bad For You.

-The first thing you will get told when you talk to people
who just began their career is that they want to gain
some experience. Not to get me wrong i have to first
state that gaining experience is one of the most
important steps a person can take to enhance his career
but there is a small trick in here.

-If you didn’t collect experience the right way you might
end up with false experiences that ruins your life and
future. Think about it for a moment, -we collect new facts
through our senses before our brains does some
processing to those facts.

-Now what if something went wrong during the
processing phase? What if some incorrect facts were
added up in your mind?

5 reasons most experienced people make horrible

  1. Remember when everything was possible?: Do you
    remember when you thought that everything was
    possible? We are born with a mind that can do the
    impossible but many people start putting false
    limitations to their potential then call it experience.
    When you were young you thought that everything is
    possible but as you kept growing up and acquiring
    false experiences you started to believe that your
    powers are limited

  2. It can’t be done in a different way: -One of the
    horrible things that happen to many people as they
    gain more experience is that they lose creativity and
    start to think that there is only one soloution to each
    problem. After all if you have been doing the same
    things for 10 years then it might be very hard to
    convince your mind that there is a much better way of
    doing them

  3. Experience and helplessness: did you know that
    depression can be the result of false experience. After
    all when you believe that you are stuck, helpless and
    have no way out then certainly your mind will respond
    with depression. The rules we learn as we grow up
    make us more helpless in the face of life problems and
    can be the main reason we get depressed later on.

  4. Arrogance & inflexibility: The more experience a
    person gets the more arrogant he becomes and the
    less flexible he is likely to be. This is why so many of
    the so called experienced people take horrible
    decisions and live miserable lives. —The problem with
    believing that you are always right can easily lead to
    catastrophic choices

  5. Experience and pessimism: Once you assume that
    life will always work the same way it always worked
    for you before you will open the door for pessimism. A
    failed business will be a strong indication that you will
    never make it, an unfortunate past will be a sign that
    you will never find happiness and so on.
    -Collect experience the right way.
    Experience is a great thing but when it’s collected the
    right way. You need to filter whatever you are learning
    to make sure that you are not filling your brain with
    junk. A false belief should be discarded instead of being
    considered a fact.
    -You should also examine what you learned so far and
    find out whether you have inserted some false facts in
    your mind under the name of experience. Many of the
    limitations that are holding you back today are just the
    result of false beliefs that were labeled experience.


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I agree…

Spot on


Very true. I joined a certain organization that had people who had worked there for over 20 yrs. I used to get pissed off whenever a certain mbich would calmly oppose my ideas because “we have been doing it this way, and it has always worked.”

I just couldn’t tolerate her bs. Mbich got the sack.

Sketch ya mbich na ideas please.

typical organizational culture…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…you should have reminded her that when she started working there there were no mobile phones

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I agree with the very first paragraph but the rest can be mitigated (as is rightly put on the
first part) by gaining the right kind of experience. No experience is bad experience the trick
is to try and gain soft skills i.e humility, soft diplomacy, patience and good communication skills.

By the way when you join a new place first try and understand the system then work around it.

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Hii nitasoma jioni nikipewa chupa mbili

Too long hebu weka summary and the preview of the summary itself kwanza

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Good information:)

In life you’ll often get paid in either of two ways: money or experience. Always pick experience.

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