Our Katiba did not anticipate for any election after the 26th October election.Any other election post 26th October will likely be declared void.So by hook or crook,we need to have the election on 26th ,failure to that ,all of us as aSociety ,will be in uncharted territory.No one knows how we will come out of the situation past 26th .The Constitution fails to provide a solution for that.

The Opposition as far as am concerned anticipates that there will be a compromised government born out of a boardroom negotiation.Fine,nothing wrong with that,as long as there is peace.This can not be achieved, the specific Article of the katiba,requires A national Referendum.The Uhuru administration will still be in office.In-case we go the referendum way it is likely that the opposition may or may not loose.

The only remaining card for Uhuru IS TO DECLARE A state of emergency .as per the Constitution,he can declare it on the 26th in-case the state:is threatened by war,invasion,GENERAL INSURRECTION,DISORDER et al.

lawyers msi ni kashif sana

Whatever happens on 26th and beyond the fact[SIZE=16px] is that UWSBTP (Uhuru will still be the president). There will be no caretaker government preceding another election. I can bet a crate of beer on that. [/SIZE]


[I]B The Supreme Court may decide on the validity of–

(a) a declaration of a state of emergency;
(b) any extension of a declaration of a state of emergency; and
(c) any legislation enacted, or other action taken, in consequence of a declaration of a state of emergency.[/B][/I]

Murkomen jana said that if no election happens on 26th there will be no other election in this state. tafakari hayo

i agree with him.the only election envisaged ni ile Ya August na ya within 60 days

the question is?when will the other election be held?not until 2022.he will be the president yes;but with limited powers for 5 years???


The limited powers are only 6 and most of them are ceremonial powers.
Bado Amri jeshi mkuu wa Kenya ni UK.


He doesnt have limited powers because no election took place on 8/8. It was nullified, remember, so he has full powers as before and until we hold another erection

Ni kubaya my frens…Ona sasa vile Maraga amefanya.

this circus has gone on long enough. 2017 yote imekuwa upuss

Limited powers only apply for an incumbent president who has lost to an opposition leader who is waiting swearing in. Now or in case we don’t have election on 26th uhuru has all the powers. The only thing that can bring nusu mkate or boardroom govt is national wide unrest and violence

Look if @chebukatineza calls off the elections, dont be surprised uhunye akiorder state of emergency …watu wagusaguswe kidogo makagary na KDF (not a laughing matter though!)

I think it’s prudent to stock up on emergency food supplies and water as we head into next week. Events are transpiring at a very rapid pace, be prepared.

Better no election than a flawed election which isn’t credible. Everything is in chaotic and no one is ready for talks or engagements. Imagine a candidate withdraws from a race but iEBC still includes his name on the ballot.

Depends on where you are. As long you are within your ethnic enclave, there will be no problems.

Scratch your balls and re-think about what you said above.It don’t look like he can stand the heat

Be very much afraid of what you wish especially if you do depend on business for survival munajua ni kina nani naongelea kuhusu.

Mnaona UK na ruto wakiwa wametulia sai, past 26th makende zitafanywa na watu watatii