Why doesn't the govt, county, CDF, Youth Fund buy juakali artisans this machine?

It will make their work much easier and their products will be of high quality. This would be one way of empowering these people.





Noma Sana kuna boy wangu huchapa works hapo jua Kali. Huyu boy namheshimu Sana. Hadi akinitolea fom. Mimi hukataa nikijua mahali hio pesa ametoa.

That machine would replace their jobs. They would end up losing their jobs.

Not impressed by lack of gender balance in the photos. Girls are being neglected by employers!

The gluteal muscles are not meant for this kind of work…

Hii ni gym, alafu jioni unalipwa.

Not really.

Ten men make 100 pans a day,that machine makes 100 an hour,roughly,why would you really need 9 men for?

How many men will be needed to operate that machine,how about the electrician who will be needed to fix electrical faults and and the plumber in charge of the water cooling systems include the more sales assistant that will be needed to sell off the increased production,scale the chain to include the suppliers and customer growth that will be involved just by one machine.the machine will actually increase employment 100fold.A good case study is before computer and after computers.

The deep drawing machine can produce more than 200 pieces an hour hence will create unemployment

This is economic disparity, women ought to be given such means to fulfill their ends.

Ni jua kali boss sio silicon valley. Alafu ni karai not micro chipsets. To answer your question subtly,barely two people,the machine does not use water,no heated parts,fixing it is another issue,hata nyundo ilitengenezwa. Paperwork is not an issue mdosi atashughulika.they dont supply,raia itakuja kuchukua order. Ingia you tube ungalie,its a one man contraption

…only that the muscled guys rendered jobless watakushika ngeta na wakuchunishe skuma usiku saa moja. Catch 22.

Will lead to diversification in the same industry.

Am pro tech even if leads to job losses. We can’t keep clinging to old school ways ati juu tunatunza jobs za watu.

The government doesn’t care about you

The 10 men could form a sacco and buy the machine, then 5 operate the machine in shifts while the rest in product storage, transport, sales etc. Their productivity would go up 100 fold.

Until Kenyans and Africans learn to elect good leaders they will suffer till they die.

They got their destiny in their own hands so they shouldn’t blame anyone


Kila mtu ana role take kwa industry. There are firms already making these products, with these machines.

Wewe jiulize, mbona watu wa juakali hawana hizi machines?