Why does this Youtuber have millions of views?

Seems one can create content from shiet.


kuna video ya msee anafua towels kwa washing machine a whole 2 hours just watching a amchine spin, people have weird watching habits some others are a guy unbloacking road drains during rains, a guy vacumming very dirty cars,

There’s a guy that cooks in the forest camping style without saying a word or appearing on video. Jamaa ako na views kibao

There was a dame yesterday on Reddit live hapo Moi avenue, walking and she also had big numbers.

Ingia youtube utafute videos ya ‘popping’. Tens of millions of views for something so disgusting

Even the very first youtube video posted has gannered views dissmaly

yet there is “10 hours of paint dry” or “reading the entire dictionary in one sitting” [SIZE=1]takes seven agonizing hours btw[/SIZE]

If you find a niche on YouTube you’re gold. There’s a guy who’s channel is dedicated to making sausages out of everything and anything. Another is a competitive eater who gets millions of viewers just to watch him binge eating. Then there’s people like Daily Dose of Internet who basically repost content found on other sites. You just have to find a niche and exploit it. Easier said than done but some people get all the luck. Right now YT is somewhat randomized, in a few years it will be very hard to get even a hundred views on a video.