Why do you Kenyans support ethnic kingpins?

you Kenyans must have a bolt missing in your heads, I have always wondered why you choose and support ethnic kingpins yet you guys remain poor year in year out for generations.

When will you guys learn you can’t do the same shit for decades and expect a different result.

surely you are not suggesting we support aliens now are you?

No why not support visionary leaders, who can lift you out of the poverty.

Bingwa unasumbua sisi, we support the tribal kingpins because we are kenyans… The same way u people support your somali warlords and terrorists kingpins :D:D:D:D

for example?

Like the founding father of Singapore or your neighbour Tanzania’s former leader.

Did you say you are from somalia, the impoverished, war-torn, decades of civil war, terrorism, pirates, refugees, famines, tribal and clans clashes, insurgency, IEDS, devastated and God forsaken country in Africa?

Dude Iam born in Sweden, regardless of somalias situation, Somalis are not as poor as kenyans.

Infact Kenyans work for Somali refugees in their own country as maids and other low wage income jobs. You will never find somalis doing such jobs anywhere mate.

Forget the few well up Somalis who ended up in Eastleigh in Nairobi and other low key and nondescript estates… Most of your folks are living in squalor at kakuma refugee camp…

Human beings will always regroup themselves according to
Financial status
Spoken language

hii terrorist ni refugee kakuma asitudanganya hapa ati anatoka sweden

How do you know so much about Kenya yet you claimed to only have been here once…

This is what you were thinking at 4:24am?
When you come to Kenya, ebu book a trip to Dadaab.
You listen to the ooga booga of your people, and see the sort of squalor your kinsmen are subject to.
After that, you take your opinion of our tribal kinsmen and shove it up your ass.
We don’t need to hear it.
Jua vile mtasaidiana na watu wenu kuchanga vikohozi. Shooofid

Tuache tafasari, tumekula kwako ?

I have been reading developments on twitter and on the international media during the electioneering period

Kaa huko kwa greener pastures

Twitter sio Kenya meffi or as your hommie Dwale would say “twitter si ya mama yako”