Why do so many kenyans work in Somalia ?

I mean Kenya is the 6th biggest economy in Africa. Why do kenyans risk their lives to work in one of the most poorest and unstable countries in the world ? So somalis not only employ hundreds of thousands of you in Kenya, but also employ thousands of kenyans in their country too. It seems like Kenya’s economy would collapse without somalis. You need to show some respect guys.





Walalo akiwa na kakitu kidogo tu fom ni kenya, minesotta ama UK. Even the least skill or cert

They came, they saw, they conquered. Somali’s are the most indefatigable people in Africa

Somalia kuna pesa… nilikuwa nafanya na WFP two years ago huko puntland . Nilikuwa nalipwa 300k pm, unfortunately contract iliisha

We want to teach them how to live like civilized people. They are still evolving in their brains.

Are you mad… jana niliona documentary ktn ya vile drought inatwanga watu huko isiolo. Inawamalisa kabisa. Wanahitaji foreign soldiers kuwasaidia. Enyewe @sani unakuanga retarded.

Isiolo kuenda juu mashamba imechukuliwa na wazungu, kwenye kuna maji na chakula ya mifugo ni kwa NRT sasa ivi, watakosaje kunyoroshwa na drought?

Lol we are only after the NGO funds. Let the NGOs guys pull out and see everyone come back home.

Because Somali Somalians have Negative IQ like Onions

There are many well paying NGOs there

Pesa mzuri lakini unfortunately, tabia zao :eek:

Somalis have an inflated sense of self importance whereas they have not contributed anything meaningful to the world. In terms of business, they are nothing more than ordinary nomadic traders who like businesses with a lot of money changing hands but very little in terms of actual accumulation of wealth. If they had the wealth, First Community Bank should be one of the biggest. Ditto Sharia banking.

Somalis should accept they are a lower breed of Arabs full of self importance but actually just egotistic buffoons. And if their economic prowess was all that, why was Somalis GDP USD 5 billion against Kenyas USD 95 billion in 2019. Numbers talk, bullshit walks

Somalia has a deficit of professionals, Kenya has an excess professional workforce, the laws of demand and supply ensure that a balance is achieved.

They are there for NGO jobs. NGOs are there even to feed them since they spend all their time being terrorists rather than providing for their own

This gives the most accurate answer.

Then somalis do not like “hard work”. They would rather their money work for them. That is why they like short-cuts, aka corruption. Many Somali youths in Eastleigh do not work. They receive remits from abroad and spend the whole day drinking tea and eating pasta in restaurants.
The wealthy rather employ Kenyans who not only have the technical skills but also the drive to work and earn

This troll from somalispot is getting schooled on his thread:D

I support this message

Kenyans in Somalia are grateful to be able to find work, earn a good living and find opportunities Kenya couldnt give them. The responses in this thread seem very bitter towards Somalia.


Mogadishu is booming so its not a suprise it attracts people from neighbouring countries.

Still a sh!thole… Ruaka is a hundred times better than mogadishu!