Why do people kill? Please guys stop trusting people so much

As a true crime buff there’s something that I’ve observed which makes me wonder about psychology of human beings. For example, the lady who was murdered went to withdraw 350k and meet a man known to her. Now isn’t there a way that guy could have worn a disguise or got a 3rd party to rob her and act like it was just bad luck.

I always get pissed when I read someone has been murdered. If you are a criminal the quick way to be busted is to kill someone. You rather rob the person or set the person with someone who they don’t know than killing.

When you kill a mother, a single mother, surely do you know how you mess up a child’s life. If you want to be a criminal use your brain. Rob without murder coz sasa ndio utashikwa and it’s life in jail.

Number 2,as a person who watches alot of crime stories I am extremely paranoid to the point that I avoid being out at night I avoid using certain roads past certain times, I don’t trust anyone including my own relatives. I keep a weapon in the office. I never go anywhere without informing a 3rd party, if my loved one gets on any cab service, I track the movement to see if they deviate until they get where they are going. I don’t pick calls from numbers I don’t know. I don’t park anywhere. I only go to places with KAPs parking. I always roll up my windows in the jam. If I travel, I keep someone informed of my whereabouts every few hours. I don’t walk around certain places alone if I must go there I find a man who will accompany me. Most importantly I pray for myself and my loved ones every morning before I leave home and recite Psalms 91.

Its very painful to die by people who have been your friends and leave your kids to suffer for money which is not even 1 meter. Surely hio kitu imeniuma sana. I deal with orphans and it’s so bad to lose a mother. Juzi ni ule lawyer lady who also had 2 boys.

Please guys always pray for God to reveal to you the company that you keep coz its just people who you know and trust who end up killing you. It’s not a stranger.

Lastly avoid people who are not of your standard. Especially as close friends, confidantes and boyfriends. I watch alot of ID and majority of the murders are of keeping company that isn’t your class or standard. Being too giving,helpful and trusting. Especially women have this problem of they just trust so easily.

Remember that the mzungu lady was murdered by her best friend and lawyer and her body has never been found yet, if she was keeping company with people like her she’d still be alive today, the two already sold her 20m home in Naks before they could even transfer the property. Thugs are very charming if you find someone is too friendly and inquisitive be on your guard. People will kill you for very little money.

I’m so sad coz of those boys but God is there atawasaidia.

People will kill you for anything. Sometimes its out of fright (that you will snitch ) on them. What lady was killed over 350k?

A lady who sells houses, cars and has a lounge in Riara. 38 yo mom of 2 boys went missing on 12th found deceased in Kajiado, gouged out eyes and handcuffs. Why do people like handling cash when there’s EFT and mpesa? Ati she withdrew 350k to go to one of the suspect for advice on how to increase shares. News outlets are talking about debt, she had recently opened a lounge. Either way there was no point in killing her she could have been more valuable to repay debt alive. Her best friend is a main suspect with 3 wajaka.

I saw that on your other thread. I hadnt seen the details. But you do know that when someone gouges your eyes, its usually a crime of passion. Theres personal feelings involved. Na huyo rafiki yake si ni MMeru.

If all the assailants are luos what do you expect? Those people are very emotional. You don’t see how they throw stones when Gor Mahia loses? They have some innate savagery. They even had handcuffs. How do criminals in Kenya operate? Do they really believe that you can kill especially a woman and get away with it? They should have just taken the money and bribed police, the case would have gone nowhere since it was not an electronic transaction. Then they are using their lines to call the deceased on the day she disappeared . That’s how they were nabbed and ended up leading DCI to where they dumped the body anybody who has a brain knows cell phone data is the first thing that the police check.

Crime of passion probably means a sexual relation involving one/or more of the suspects and the victim. But yall Gema have a stereotypical view of Luos ati stone throwers. Thats like 0.002%. You know even in Italy I have seen matches where spectators throw objects into the stadium when their team loses. Jangos are very mild if anything.

ATI mild? My fren. You don’t know these people.



I find it funny that you are trying to teach me about jangos. But is ok.

You are biased bcz you are neighbors. Ask an outsider especially the ones who have lived there. Nothing but horror stories. Can you tell me which other part of Kenya people behave like this?




Aiii very tribal from a Nai person.

To some people, killing as a form of revenge gives a better satisfaction than the debt repayment. Esp if you cross your accomplices in a wash wash deal

Even me I suspect wash wash coz why did she need to carry cash, why not wire the cash for security reasons? The lady was doing well she had even opened a lounge in Riara. Killing is tricky. Getting away with murder is more difficult than any other crime especially if you are busy calling someone the day they disappeared. I’m also suspicious of her friend who hurried to report to 2 police stations before even informing her family. She knew what was going on.

Luos are emotional than even my people. There’s a lot of murders, lynching and gang related activities in Nyanza.

In terms of emotion, wameru, wakisii, Bukusu lead the pack.

aliruka mtu kwa deal banae
huwezi handcuff mtu na umtoe macho na kijiko ya dining bure