Why do people erroneously claim that the ‘voice of the people’ is the voice of God?

Let there be no doubt: Many Christians, even after spending decades inside the church, rarely understand the nature of God and the full implications of spirituality. The cause of all this is simple: people try to interpret God using debased secular terms. Unless and until Christians start viewing God purely through spiritual perspectives , they’ll continue wallowing in spiritual darkness.

So, some Christians claim that the voice of the Majority is the voice of God. Like God relies on nonsensical human concepts like the ‘rule of the majority’. God is Truth and Truth has never relied on cheap popularity to assert itself. Truth never fears to stand alone; conversely, lies require multitudes to gain confidence.

Expectedly, when a crooked idiot uses his ill acquired wealth to gain the governorship position in Kakamega or Lamu, Christians peasants will claim that, well, people have ‘spoken’ and, by extension, their voice represents the voice of God. What utter nonsense. Who told people that God values what they value??? Who told people that Democracy(with all of its deceptions and hypocrisy) is a valued system before God?

So, when idlers in downtown Nairobi mistakenly stone a suspect to death for pick pocketing, some people will claim that since all those ‘idlers’ are ‘people’ their decision to stone an innocent victim represent the will of God.

I am not against the so called ‘democratic values’ but I always ask myself this: If indeed God gives people their leaders, how comes only the rich become leaders? Does that mean that God despises the poor but moral potential leaders???

What people don’t realise is that God rarely bothers with sinful nations like Kenya except, of course, if he decides to mete out punishments. The only thing that God is interested with is your soul. People should stop fooling themselves that God approves those diabolical schemes that politicians engage in so as to win votes.

The same Christians make the highly sacrilegious error of attributing to God their ‘blessings’ when, in actual fact, they acquired their filth through very gruesome methods. A ‘born again’ Christian will, after brutally overcharging his clients, evading taxes, bringing down his competitors, claim that God has ‘blessed’ him. That’s spiritual idiocy. So, God helped him to evade taxes and overcharge his customers???
Sadly, for as long as people will view God in a context defined by their own greed and secularism, they’ll never understand Him.

Today, it is almost impossible to differentiate Kenyan Christianity from the most vicious form of paganism in existence.

So, when that corrupt, filthy and dirty politician bribes you into voting for him, don’t start claiming that leadership is from God. Earthly leadership comes from these sources: wealth, gift of gab(which is just a polite way of saying being gifted with a deceptive tongue), bribery, horrifying machinations of the voters’ minds, tribalism, family name, political parties etc.

For all that’s good and holy, never add the name of God into such a dirty list.

When you acquire wealth through fraud, never ever claim that God has ‘blessed’ you because if you claim so, you’ll be calling God an accomplice to your thieving ways----a sin that even the daring Lucifer has never attempted.

When you’re rigged in and you become an MCA, don’t start rapping about how you are ‘God’s anointed’ otherwise you will have your day with Him come the judgement day and I promise you, it won’t be the best of your days.

When as a pastor, you brazenly steal from your followers, stop appearing in these local TV stations, claiming how God has worked ‘financial miracles’ in your life.

When you snatch someone’s husband and you get married to him, stop bearing false ‘testimony’ about how God has answered your prayer requests for a husband.

In short, never ever even think of dragging the name of God into the stinking and abominable trash that is your worldly, selfish affairs.

Enough of today’s rants. Good weekend everyone.


because logically God is everything

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