Why do blacks go into drug dealing more than any other group of people in the US

As the discourse on black Americans as a group has been going on I have been wondering why African Americans are the majority drug dealers in US more than even Latin Americans who are producers. Black Americans do not have the factors of production for drugs. So how is that this very tiny minority 13% of the population is at the nexus of the drug industry in America. Of course during the war on Nicaragua it came to light that govt organs like CIA were supplying crack cocaine to inner cities to fuel the drug trade so as to fund the war US waged on Nicaragua which was a huge producer of narcotics.

Personally I am looking at sociological factors. What’s your take on why the face of drug trafficking in America is the face of a black American, why not Hispanic or Latino.

Organized crime include theories that focus on ethnic group solidarity and culture, attempts by marginalized social groups to improve their social and economic standing, and traditional theories used to explain crime in general. Six theories are most commonly used to attempt to explain organized crime: alien conspiracy theory, rational choice theory, differential association, social disorganization and relative deprivation approach, the queer ladder of mobility theory, and enterprise theory.


Matter of fact some research shows that whites sell drugs more than whites its very shocking to me. Yet they’re arrested more


Blacks sell and distribute on the street level, and that’s why , most of them end up being arrested. Lakini, most heavy movers are jungus.

Also, It’s all statistics. Blacks are only 12% of the population so any number arrested looks big relatively. Most drugs come from or thru Mexico.
The Spanish control the supply chain. Blacks work on the direct customer contact exposing them to arrest.

These are all factors to consider.


Black are historically (disproportionately) discriminated against in areas of education, health and other social services. As a result, the economic opportunities available to them as adults are very limited.

As a result, the only way to provide for your family is to engage in illegal activities which includes primarily selling drugs.

You have to understand that the discrimination is systemic, meaning the entire federal system was set up this way in 1776.

There are seminal papers you can search via Google that address this specific issue. Start with the genesis of Affirmative Action.

Sidenote: Can you believe that Lauren Simmons was the 1st black female trader on the New York stock exchange in 2017! The New York stock exchange was established in 1817 - it took 200 years!

Majority drug dealers are not black. Dont believe media hype about Black culture in the US. Their lives are very different from whats depicted. Just like life in the US is not what you see in the movies.

The media tend to portray nyeuthi’s as irresponsible, while jungu’s as ideal.

Like Amused pointed, blacks are discriminated in mainstream American financial system. Very few areas exist for them to thrive and earn a living. That is why they dominate in those areas where raw talent is all that is needed; sports, music etc. Unfortunately these few areas cannot absorb the whole black population. Those without any unique talent largely end up going underground into crime.


Poverty, marginalisation, weak family structures, crime riddled neighborhoods.

Here’s a good read on systemic racial oppression resulting in the economic disaster that can highlight some ideas on this topic:

[SIZE=7]How a Top Chicken Company Cut Off Black Farmers, One by One[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]The Trump administration has weakened legal protections for farmers and eased off enforcing rules on powerful meat companies.[/SIZE]

How a Top Chicken Company Cut Off Black Farmers, One by One — ProPublica

The drug sales job on a street corner is the most risky part of drugs operations. It also happens to have low barriers to entry, most arrests and most infighting. Couple that with a biased law enforcement system and you will have more blacks jailed for drug offenses that are evenly spread among the US population races.