Why do blacks born and raised in USA or England speak with a different accent from whites?

Why does this happen wadau? Si all human beings are the same?

@TrumanCapote husoma katiba ya museveni nikipanda ndiasa ndio nisimwage haraka

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Hiyo kitu imekauka sana mdau

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Why should they speak with the same accent? The real answer is that it’s culturally based. Find a Black person from surbubia who has been taught and believes that white is superior, and chances are you can’t distinguish their accents.

napaka kimbo alafu naigisha omieri polepole bila wasiwasi

IS there a racial thing that determines how we speak?


Because at home they speak differently with their parents/kin it affects their kizungu.

They live in isolated communities with poor education standards. An accent is passed on at home before you begin school. They have simply inherited the uneducated accent of former slaves

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Culture na pale umezaliwa na what your exposed to growing up. Utapata hata mlami wa Nuuu York ( aka @applebee100 ) hataongea same na mlami wa for example deep south Bama ( Alabama). Msapere wa Nyeri hataongea same sapere na wa Murunga etc

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Stereotype mdau

What are you trying to say that all surbubia blacks are uncle toms

There are millions of Black people that have a standard American / British accent. You guys watch too much cnn so of course you only see the ones from the ghetto.

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Accents come from the integration of other languages. Make google your friend. Meffi wewe

Nope, only the ones that believe white is superior. I thought I was clear in that.

Hao niggas wa ghetto huwezi skia kile wanasema bure sana

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Quite true sir

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Interesting… :thinking:

So, wale magwiji wa kusikiliza miondoko ya kufoka (rap na hip hop) hapa kijijini huwa wanasikiliza nini? Sababu sijawahi shikanisha nini hao wasanii hufoka.

You tend to forget that negroes once had their own languages while coming to slavery. It definitely had an effect on their English

Most regions have their own accents and words they use to describe things. Like some people say soda and mid west guys say pop. Then northern guys speak faster than southern guys. As far as black vs white also that has distinctions because white people supposedly speak proper while black have slang. It’s also environment…as in are you in a cosmopolitan city or a city where no one comes and goes…
Huku Kenya guys from the ghetto sound different from guys from uptown. And they are in the same city and same color. It’s not a stretch for some black people to have a certain dialect and use slang more.