Why do bad things happen to good people??

Bunty Shah, was probably the kindest, social and most humble guy from the reserved Asian community, that I have ever met.
I interacted with him a while ago and he struck me with his humility.
Inspite of all the wealth and power at his disposal, he would stop and chat with his receptionists, chat with a junior trolley pusher, and stop and politely and personally attend to would be customers at the reception(me in this case)
Trust me, most wahindi kids especially those who come back from abroad to manage their fathers’ businesses, are spoilt overgrown brats.
But Bunty Shah was different.

Why do bad things happen to good people. This world is full on crazy people, mass murderers, rapists, thugs, paedophiles, and nothing bad seems to happen to these scams of the earth.
But this gental soul was sleeping in his house, not wanting to disturb anyone or not wanting anyone to disturb his young family, then this happens to him.
A single bullet to the chest by a rogue policeman snuffed the life out of him, leaving his 6 month old baby without a father.
God, why do you let such things happen to good innocent people?Why???
RIP Bunty and poleni sana to the Bobmil family. I know how you feel…:frowning:

I really didn’t understand this story but chief villager brought another angle from the police

Kifo lazima, sababu tuu ndio inatafuta.

Saad. There is no reward for being good in this world. I have come to learn.

Pole. This is very sad.

Sitambui wahindi chieth, kifo ni lazima kwa kila binadamu

idiots and very hypocritical post when you are a staunch supporter of the chief butcher wsr

Because there is no God !

"There is heaven for the goo people , there is earth for the bad . The good were simply not made for us here , because here on earth , it takes 1000 good people to get rid of 1 bad person , but in heaven , it only takes one good person to get rid of 1000 bad people " - Sikumbuki ni wapi nilisoma hii quote . Asande .

wahindi na wasomali ni MAFI in my eyes .

Think babuon.

Truth shall reveal, i didn’t buy the police story

They say he shot in the air to scare away the “intruders”. As they keep saying - having a gun doesn’t necessarily make you safe.



This is Kenya, police just don’t walk into your compound and shoot you. Maybe he was not as good as you think, maybe he stepped or was about to step on some bigwig’s toes.

He leaked videos of Ballotelli training in an adjacent compound, to James Bond. Agents were sent to silence the source.

Now this is basic early morning nonsense. The trigger-happy cops just fucked upand ran away.

Hesy Wa Leafy Suburbs must be one hell of a nervous sod.

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Kwenda…Instal crypticthinking.dll and come back