Why did I do this?

After the unfortunate incident yesterday at work, I was made to eat a humble pie. A special meeting was called this morning with my superiors including the HR(na vile the Mmeru guy ako na ufala considering I come from the other region) to discuss mr. Twanga and his unbecoming conduct.
To cut the long story short I was to meet the victim with his lawyer at the police station to discuss an out of court settlement to end this kisanga. I have been slapped with a bill of 100k for hospital charges and damage. After clearing that part now I have to go back to the office and clear the mess(damaged printers) at the office plus get a judgement on my future at the organization. I guess I need a lot of luck as I head to the dock in the office. Wish me well na watu wa matusi … eeh I’ll see what to do with you nikimaliza.

hasira hasara…

Na bado unaendelea kudharau huyo mmeru HR

Hata coleagues wako pia si wazuri, anakupeleka police?

what was the incident yesterday? i missed it

Did you tell them (HR et al) why you turned into Mayweather?

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They say that DO NOT REACT IN A MOMENT OF ANGER…Just breath in, then count 1-10 and quietly walk away…you will be glad you did or otherwise you will regret bitterly that you didn’t (like in your case:()

ukipiga mtu, ni kama unapiga mfuko yako


Shit happens, think positively

Good luck, from lister formerly known as Slartibartfast.

WTF. Supu kiko huku?


100K for a punch. Kwani alienda ile hospital imewekwa on standby for Obama?

create thread utushow your struggle gatting here. otherwise welcome

Hii hekaya ilinipita. Wacha niitafute nakuja kupost reply.

The only unfortunate difference between you and Mayweather is that a punch debits your account while the latter’s account is credited for a punch thrown


Na umwambie iko kamtihani gitogo taletewa na @highschooler

Iza jo. If your mate drinks, mfuate akibuy make sure iwe open bar hiyo pesa yote muikojoe kwa choo ya club. It is the least way ya kuenda hasara.

100k ni mingi kwa ngumi moja ,afadhali ungeua yeye.

Unakaa mtu mashida shida.

yeah, the other party is always wrong…
na usijali, 100k is small change for the company swaggerer

I told you to check your HR Manual before you sleep. And all these because of your sexy cousin. Mimi ma cousin ndio walinifunza sex.