Why democracy is trash

Democracy gave us Sonko… Can you compare Sonko with appointed Badi
Democracy gave us Waititu in place of Kabogo… Kunoma
Democracy gave us clueless drunkard Uhuru to replace Kibaki
And democracy is about to give us Senile dynastic looter Raila or looter in chief Ruto to replace clueless looter and drunkard Uhuru
Even US democracy gave the confused Trump and now they have replaced him with clueless senile Biden
Now compare this with country with no democracy where citizens do not elect president but they have more confidence in their govt than those that elect

yenyewe ukiwa dictator lazima ufanyie mraia kazi ndio asikuwe na fikira mbaya…umbwa ikichaguliwa eti demokrasia inakuwa na entitlement eti ilipita ichaguzi na kuwa jeuri:D juu mpaka mrudi kwa debe after imalize muhula yake

Nitabaki kwa demokrasia… Usisahau enzi ya Moi 24yrs… Shida ni wakenya wanachagua wanasiasa starting from Mca bila kutumia Ubongo… Kenyans vote rich thugs & ‘mtu wetu’…

Nothing wrong with democracy. Blame the idiotic voters.

Lakini democracy haiwezi fikia communism. Communist countries like China is growing rapidly because of political stability. What they start, the see through unlike in Kenya or USA where the successor swears to undo everything his predecessor did.


@mlipuayote why should you have Kabogo when you want waititu? a person should get what he wants, not what you think is good for him. Otherwise tomorrow the same Uhuru who appointed Badi will think Babu Owino is good for you, and will appoint him as the governor, mtakataa aje bila democracy?

Moi during his early reign was good. Mambo iliharibika after coup ya 82 juu ya hii ghasia inaitwa [SIZE=7]aliaR.[/SIZE]

Democracy is rotten, will always end up in chaos because it’s foundation is lies and illusions [ATTACH=full]345814[/ATTACH]
The biggest joke I know is that people believe they participate in “free and fair” elections

How’s is China a communist country?

Watu wa China are probably too afraid to say that they dont have confidence in their gava :smiley:

Reminds me how people were too afraid to stop clapping for Stalin

It’s a long story my friend. Kindly google.

Instead of blaming the stupid voter [SIZE=1](Thurakus n kalenjingas) [/SIZE][SIZE=4]you blame the system. Umeona jamaa wa ali baba ametupwa Guantanamo kama mchezo tu. [/SIZE]