why daz Uhuru entertain such machokosh in his league?

Ata kama nikutafuta kura ya ma youth…This chokosh and his counterpart Sonko shud not be around Uhunyez welcoming committeee…Ushawai ona Obama aki kuwa welcomed na akina Lil wayne, Firry cent etc…


Such things make me really doubt the sincerity of Uhuru, this guy was appointed to the board of NACADA, kwani Uhuru hutubeba aje?


His appointment raises so many flags as to who is the real enemy in this drugs business

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Huyu Jamaa hawezani na kazi… he is busy taking selfies, politicking and trying to please political quarters all over instead of doing the job we elected him to do. He thinks kuwa jamaa ya watu is a good thing but at this moment in time Kenya needs a resolute leader who is not afraid to step on any toes or burn any bridges to get the job done. Off-course having WSR as his deputy does not help any matters… in his fight for corruption. His fate will be similar to that of Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan


Don’t think am voting next time for this one …NKT

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Me too. He’s been a big let down. I am tired of making excuses for bad leadership. I dont think I can get over my disappointment in him over those appointments. The next election is Railas to loose

Raila is more clueless. We are fucked for the next eight years because I think Uhuru will be re-elected due to tribal voting patterns.

Me too…look at his cabinet from the DP :(:(,No security…no cash flow especially the guys in business there’s no money on the ground

We know the game is rigged yet we can not find a way out.

Tuzaane that is the hope for the future

Halafu Madaraka Day tutapewa speeches and some ‘entertainment’ then we go back to reality.

Umbwa Nyinyi… Bad leadership-what dyu know about it. Kamwana is a god and we shall vote for him again and again and ask him to extend his term like tha Burundi guy and still vote for him.nonsense. You cant give someone space to work and you still accuse him…You are all so gullible if the hogwosh by wazimu mkuu has gotten to you–ati bad leadership. Si mboycott Kura mwone…Nnnnkkkktttttt!!!

Relax, he doesn’t even know your pathetic self

Ju wewe ni BFF ya baba (na unalala njaa bado… Nkt)

Jubilee machine is strong. Why do you think Rayila is campaigning for 2017 now?

If Kamwana wants to step back in statehouse he should get down to work and stop politicking. He’s also lost Wanjikus appeal for appointing the children of who is who in the parastatal boards. He might have pleased the political chiefs from all-over but the backlash from the youth who were the biggest constituency in the last elections cannot be ignored. This coupled by the disjointed approach on important matters such as insecurity can not just be be swept under the carpet. Anyway there is no need to get all worked up. Kenya ina wenyewe and we are just mere pawns in their game.

Why is UK looking the other way akisalimia Kigeugeu while the DP anacheka kama uwesmake hivi hivi. Ama ameboeka the kipepeo man is the only one not wearing a suit

Yenyewe huyu boiz wa kipepeo hapo alitupa mbao.

Kazi ya 8-4-4 hii