Why date an older lady

  1. The Older Woman comes to the table with far lower expectations . By the
    time you come around she has already experienced unbelievable heartache at the hands of real jerks . Guys whom by comparison make you look like Archangel Gabriel . Unlike the Young Thang ;
    she doesn’t expect you to deliver the moon, the stars , a unicorn and a fairytale
    existence. She will be perfectly content with you just not cheating on her.
  2. The Older Woman has Experience . Ahem. I don’ t think I need to say any more
    on this .
  3. She has her own life. A young girl is likely to be living with her parents or sharing
    accommodation with a friend.
    Whatever the case wherever she stays is likely not to be anywhere near as free and
    comfortable as your Bachelor comfort. Which is why you will find her slowly but steadily
    transferring all her possessions from her place to yours; starting with a toothbrush. Before you know it , your house is infested with feminine hygiene products .Young Thangs also tend to be
    clingy. She will build her life around you. Your phone rings every 30 minutes , with calls like " where are you sweetie?" and " Si I come join you and your pals ?" On the other hand
    an older woman has her own life . When she calls its purely for the matters at hand .
    She gives you your space and has the confidence to let you hang with your boys

Conclusion …tuoe wazee/Wakongwe ??


You mean “Why date a Cougar”.

Now what were you saying?

Or we abstain till the gals become older women then we nail them?


Summarize for us young ladies

This is fthe best option for those who dont like commitments.

Now, this explains everything.

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You thenge can see you are a new villager, there are rules in this kijiji. Kama wapi MBICA before we proceed

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Are you trying to justify yourself? Anyway, it’s good to experience the best of both worlds.

sleep with me baiby

Hizi likes za promotion zinatafutwa aki!!!

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an older lady? should be like older lady from xx number of years… i dated a chick older than me by a year…one day she tells me am an amazing guy and all but she has always wanted an older guy… I was like Go on…, and she responded " ah, that’s pretty much it" .i thought it was bullshit, i never said anything since because i have very few fucks to give, i moved on and forgot about her . …so for clarity give a minimum age of the woman.

confidence… they are confident about their bodies, will show you the stretch marks without shame. they don’t try to live a lie… mengine @Guru ataaambia on why we date

am seeing u…:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Indeed sweets. But we cant air our laundry here…

Wrong. This is Guru of Klost.

Sleep with me babe

ndio maana sijamaliza