Why Chicago's Public Schools Are Broken


I havent watched the video but the problem of blacks in america is that they refuse to build anything for themselves and instead want to integrate into white society. Build your own school seperate school, and its important to note that segragation and separation is not the same thing, segregation is done by the state which is why blacks are where they are.

Black folk are poor because for decades they worked to enrich white folk , they worked for free for centuries. As a form of reparation for that injustice both the federal governments and local government could budget for building high quality schools in segregated areas blacks are not asking to be intergrated they are asking for better quality schools in the areas of segregation which are basically areas with public housing which are at around 2 million Americans usually Hispanics and Majority blacks. Segregation is alive and well in America, its done through gentrification and its also entrenched through thinly veiled racist policies. If blacks are poor all you need to become segregated from them as whites is gentrification and increase the rents and house prices. Little by little all the blacks in that neighbourhood will have no otherwise but to move, this is what happened in places like Oregon where blacks have moved out due to climbing housing costs as high as 600% . Majority of blacks live in housing projects such as the ones in the South of Chicago. So this public housing is also neglected and not maintained by government. The buildings are run down and also plagued by vices that plague all low income areas like slums ,drug addiction,drug dealing, prostitution. The only way out of poverty is seen as education. Children born into these poor 'hoods deserve an education and quality education. In these areas the public schools in the inner cities, are poorly maintained and deliquent behaviour and truancy is treated by taking kids ,poor kids to Juvie, the infamous school to prison pipeline enabled by the zero tolerance policy in schools in inner cities. In white hoods -poor hoods where housing is trailer parks there are public schools but the policy there isnt the same. The same system of free labour is repeated in jails. About 500k youths below 18 are imprisoned and put to work for industries in jail. Blacks are 6 times more likely to be incarcerated while white youths get probation for similar offences. Many of the big labels have industries in jails basically slave labour. America is a nation built on racism and black people are still a huge source for free labour , its not a coincidence that America has the highest prison population in the world. Its easy to look at the matter simpilistically and say build your own schools. All American are american citizens,there’s no white schools,black schools,hispanic schools,indian schools , all Americans deserve a quality basic education especially poor black folk if the govt provides public housing and public assistance why cant they provide quality basic public schooling in the innercities? Any assistance so long as its not assistance to make you self reliant and empowered like through education. Racism is real.Institutional racism. Cummulative effects of blacks working for free for centuries and now thru the jail system.

These kids have unique challenges that white kids even poor white kids growing up in trailer parks dont face. Their needs must be meet for these kids to go to school and stay in school. If one man can do this , what about the federal government or local govt? Instead theyre implementing budget cuts of hundred of millions and laying off school staff.

Well there are… Black people are fighting right now to be accepted into those white schools because they can’t build their own and those white schools will take in like 1 or 2 black students for inclussion, but as long as its not many of them.

Did you know that black americans were more successful and owned more buisnesses 100 years ago? So what changed?

1900-1930s is refered to as the The golden age of black entrepreneurship, during that time Blacks were increasingly segregated. However the more they were cut off from the larger white community, the more black entrepreneurs succeeded in establishing flourishing businesses that catered to a black clientele. The most rapid growth came in the early 20th century, As the increasingly rigid Jim Crow system of segregation moved urban blacks into a community large enough to support a business establishment. When white businessmen reduced their contacts with black customers, black entrepreneurs rushed to fill the vacuum by starting banks, insurance companies and numerous local retailers and service providers. Furthermore, the number of black doctors and lawyers increased sharply and by 1920, there were tons of thounsands of black buisnesses. This also meant success for black people as they were family orientated in those days and could build generational wealth.

So what happened?

Even though it wasn’t uncommon for some of those prospering communities to be attacked by jealous white people who burned everything down, they where actually rebuilt because there was no other choice. But in the 50-60s black people started the Civil right movement which was the biggest hoax in history, it went on making the black community consumers instead of producers. Instead of continueng building their own, black people fought for their rights to dine in white owned restaurants with white people. When desegregation started black people stopped spending money at black buisnesses and would rather go into a white community where they would spend their money and this meant that those black business that were once prospering became bunkrupt. High income black people rather moved into white communities where they were not wanted and suffer racism than build up their own communities. This has continued till today and its estimated that asian americans keep a dollar in their community 120 times longer than black americans because they engage in group economics where they buy from each other unlike black people which is why its not common for asians to drive to white/black communities to buy goods while its the norm for black people to drive to white/asian/non black communities to buy goods. It also should be said that today most of the shops in black communities are white or asian owned. Another thing is that they stopped being family orientated after desegregation with the ‘‘strong independent black women’’ agenda being pushed and also the gangster mentality of having several baby mamas.

You may look at black people prospering in sports such as the NFL, but those black men fail to build generational wealth for black people and the black community. Most of them marry white women (Inferiority complex: ‘‘You’re only successful once you have a white women’’) and transfer the wealth to the white community once again. The richest black american, Robert F Smith is also married to a white women, so they fail in building generational wealth for their communities.

Once black americans wake up and start thinking as a community and work together is when they will prosper, they did it 100 years ago because they were forced to work together by the laws in place.

Here is a video of Tulsa, Oklahoma A.K.A Black Wall Street, in the 1920 which was one of the prospering black communities. It was unfortunately burned down by poor racists whites in the 1921 Tulsa race riot(A black man was accused of raping a white women and gave the poor racists jungus the motivation that they had long waited for).



I am talking basic education here. Majority blacks cant even afford to pay for the said white schools. And those are the ones I am talking about their parents prolly dont even apply to those white schools. My point is, can the federal and local government just maintain and equip the public schools in the inner cities. Basic education is a basic human right even us here in Kenya a third world country understand that. And poor people have access to basic education and even higher education to children from poorer families. A government is supposed to offer school for all its people esp basic education . Thats the point I am making about there should be no white or black schools to government. Are you getting it???

Ofcourse theres black and white private schools. Theres women only schools .even here in Kenya theres methodist uni, muslim uni, catholic uni,Presbyterian uni, KAG uni, Umma uni for moslems,SDA uni so that is not what I am talking about, I am talking public schools in inner cities. They should not be worse than public schools in white neighbourhoods comprende?

Look for this series and watch it

You want things to be in an certain way but they are not, this is the reality.

This is the mindset that black americans should have, Malcolm X is the ultimate black man that all black men should try to become like.


Before leaving NOI


You want things to be a certain way and theyre not does that make you wrong? You want blacks to build schools ofcourse they should and thatd be desirable. And theres so so many things people want to be a certain way but theyre not, nothing changes when we just accept status quos. At one time blacks were slaves for hundreds of years if you asked them back then if one a black man would be president theyd have said, stop dreaming. All it takes for some things to change is lobbying and activism with continued disgruntlement it builds to overcome injustices in societies all over the world. Things do change. Once upon a time women didnt vote,couldnt own property, in Saudi Arabia women started driving recently. If there were no people like me in the world the activists,the social justice warriors - who say no to status quos that are unfair to some people and everyone was like you, who has resigned themselves to their fate. You’d still be a slave and colonised. The world must and will evolve to equitable access for women ,blacks, hispanics, people living with disabilities , everybody. Theres no doubt in mind because I have seen the changes towards equity in my lifetime. It will happen eventually.

Your problem is over simplifying a very multifaceted and complex problem or rather sets of problems because they are very many. However many of the problems facing blacks are or were instituted to strategically keep the black man down so that he does not attain equity but more important that he keep providing slave labor for free through the jail system. A white man is a very strategic person and a very competitive one- ever wondered why the white man enslaved blacks from West Africa ?Because its near the sea, because native Indians were more used to the American terrain than european colonialisers so they could escape and blend in easily which these imported Africans couldnt . To a white man it is a zero sum game. If the black man is sucessful then the white man loses.

I am spacing the answers because you address many extremely wide topics I could probably write books about but I will try to summarise


Some things you say are right like that some forms of affirmative action were detrimental to blacks like public assistance for single mothers if there is no man living in the household , however desegregation ensured access to opportunities that blacks did not have . After all business,sports and entertainment are not the only proficiency blacks have. Just like nurturing and feminine stuff isnt the only proficiency women have , some women make better doctors,surgeons and astronauts than many men but if they are segregated society will not get to benefit from their gifts because God doesnt check skin color or genitalia before He gives talent and brains. They can be the scientists and mathematicians like the lovely black ladies depicted in Hidden Figures who worked at NASA. Whie there were no black men working at NASA ,so desegregation is very important . Because many important facilities even schools were only available to whites . Segregation of women and blacks even Indians like in South Africa was aimed at demeaning the segregated group . It was based on hierarchy and this is why desegregation is necessary to have an equitable society. Even if its to what you consider a useless place like a restaurant .


There were many concerted efforts by government , the CIA to send crack cocaine into black neighbourhoods to destroy blacks and use the proceeds to fight wars in Nicaragua then the same gover puts into policy the 3 strike rule that made the way on drugs , the war against black communities.








From 6:45 Black men only rewarded for being athletes and entertainers not their academics


Live feed I am listening to now

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