Why can't I embed TikTok videos in this shithole forum?

@administrator and your useless moderators @Electronics4u @Old Monk @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD
Do you incompetent fools know TikTok is currently the third largest social media platform after Meta and YouTube? It currently has over a billion active monthly users, and is growing fast. Most of the older guys, who used to dismiss it as an app for confused teens, are flocking there enmasse. Yet you haven’t enabled media compatibility with the site? Why do ya’ll behave like you’re doing us a favour? Ama ni pesa mumetosheka nazo? Washienzi nyinyi.

Download… Then upload is the only way.

Usituletee huo upuss huku.

I agree. Ktalk should evolve with time. If admin can’t enable compatibility, why not?

Mimi huwa siambiwi vile ntafanya boss.

Kwa sex & relationships wa-enable embedding xvideos, pornhub na BBWHighway ndio Whale Connoisseur aweze ku-upload Nat-Geo wild documentaries.

village idler umezeeka , punguza utoto na ujaribu kutumia akili

Tik tok ni congregation ya idiots…naona bundles za cyber zinakusumbua sana.

Atupangwingwi ,sindio admin.

Jana mzito cr7 ali surprise kunguru ingine apo Kwa tiktok live kunguru karibu ikunie juu ya furaha…Tiktok has great DIY videos that’s the main reason am there.

@administrator Has only AdSense in mind. Nothing else. That’s why he’ll not unpin those boring threads or do anything else that’ll improve the quality of life on this forum when he can spend that energy on a lazy attempt to raise the ‘ranking’ of this forum.

Tiny things like adding support for HTML5 media playback or/and embeds from sites that people actually use instead of the garbage he has going on on the insert media card…

Even a simple WebP format is unsupported. To add it you have to host it elsewhere…

Wewe @administrator ,weka poll kwa hii maneno,some of the ‘woke’ shït going on here zasumbua already

Ati bundles :D:D:D
Naona unlimited Wi-Fi haijafika huko kwenu Mosoriot.


Unlimited wifi kuenda Tiktok…imbecile…duochebug.nicompou.demagog…Kenyapithecus…@administrator pea hii nugu handle village todler…tiktok na uko kwa kijiji:D:D

Baki na hiyo utoto ya tiktok

Sawa…na wewe tomba mcoondu ya mamako.

This comment is quite mature smh.

Pole imekuuma sana cyber attendant, :smiley: you must be quite old if being associated na utoto inauma hivyo