Why Black People Cannot Trust The Pfizer Vaccine

At the beginning of 1996 Pfizer was sitting on a new, potentially billion-dollar blockbuster drug, according to Wall Street analysts. The antibiotic Trovan was not yet approved by the FDA. Pfizer had enrolled thousands of adults in Trovan clinical trials and they wanted to debut the drug as a therapy for bacterial meningitis, but there were a number of problems. There was already an effective treatment for meningitis available, the antibiotic ceftriaxone. But Pfizer’s biggest problem was children.

In order to gain maximum market share and achieve the predicted $1 billion per year from this drug, Pfizer needed to develop an oral form that proved safe for pediatric use. But Trovan had never been tested on children, and in animal models it caused liver toxicity and joint damage. In addition, bacterial meningitis was rare in the U.S. There were thus not enough children suffering from it for a convincing clinical trial. However, as luck would have it, a ready pool of children suffering from the disease had suddenly, coincidentally, and inexplicably become available—in Africa!


African corruption and greedy leaders is what lets us down most of the time,otherwise such sentiments wouldnt exist. Welcome to medical colonialism

Dark skin people (Mostly Africans) have always been, and will continue being used as guinea pigs…
Due to the unabashed greed of our “leaders”…
So sad.

We need to stand up for our rights and stop kissing the white man’s ass, that’s the only way they’ll respect us.


White jesus christ !? …africans should wake up sasa , maybe they caused the menengitis pandemic in Kano so that they cld get free human beings to experiment on


I agree

Omwafrika giza link ukuje…All self hating africans should definitely see this…



Zambia President Dr Nevers Mumba a message to zambians about Covid19 vaccine

Kinyozi you are very wrong it is in fact AFRICAN LAZINESS that let’s Africans down.

Africans prefer shortcuts and letting the other guy do it, discover it… he must give us after he has finished discovering it…

Don’t blame the African leaders.


[SIZE=7]Dr. Nevers Mumba - Advice to Governments in Africa (Zambia) Regarding Covid-19 Vaccine[/SIZE]

The problem is that these days anyone can say anything and put it out there as fact. More than ever we need to question everything. For example for such an ‘important’ message why isn’t this a video recording? Also I have seen this the exact speech allegedly made by the Ghanaian president.

There should be one universal vaccine, not vaccines labelled “Not for use in US, Canada and EU” as this will raise suspicion.


[SIZE=7]Iran bans import of UK and US Covid-19 vaccines, saying they’re ‘completely untrustworthy’[/SIZE]

Foreign companies will not be allowed to test Covid-19 vaccines on the Iranian people, President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday, one day after the country’s supreme leader banned the import of UK- and US-produced jabs and said they were "completely untrustworthy”.

“Foreign companies wanted to give us vaccines so they would be tested on the Iranian people. But the health ministry prevented it,” Rouhani said in televised remarks, without naming the companies or giving further details.
“Our people will not be a testing device for vaccine manufacturing companies,” he added. "We shall purchase safe foreign vaccines.”
Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, had said on Friday the US and Britain were “untrustworthy” and possibly sought to spread Covid-19 to other countries.
Khameini tweeted Friday: "Importing vaccines made in the US or the UK is prohibited,” accompanied by the hashtag #CoronaVaccine.

Twitter removed the tweet and posted a message saying it had violated the platform’s rules against misinformation.

Where did these pictures come from? Are they authentic? What’s the agenda for sharing them? Question especially items that ask you to share with others. There are easier ways of distributing valid information. For example going local trusted media with verifiable information.

Another fake story. Governments can’t get enough of the vaccine at the moment. Nobody is forcing anybody to import them. If anything they are queuing patiently to purchase.

There was a video recording for this ‘important’ message but the video was banned by youtube
(See my previous post with the deleted video) They don’t want africans to know the truth

@Sokwe mtu ghasia ongea na msito Putin atupee Sputnik v. I don’t trust omusungu.

chonjoh mzae…