Why are you shocked when kids copy Pastor Ng'ang'a? — Ezekiel Mutua

When national leaders use vulgar language on each other like Hon. Babu Owino did on the DP yesterday, why are we blaming that young boy for doing a vulgar video, using unpalatable language?
When preachers like Pastor Ng’ang’a do the crazy things he’s doing for “trending” and controversy, why are we shocked when our kids copy him?
When media houses play dirty music and make television studios discotheques, why are we shocked when our kids think that foul language, controversy, bad manners and profanity sell?
When I condemn certain artists for their obscene content and grown-ups like Willy Mutunga, Esther Pasaris and Moses Kuria mock me, why are we shocked when we see our kids talking dirty and appearing to be proud of themselves for doing it?
When KFCB talks about the importance of regulating content and people frustrate our efforts why are we shocked when our kids are being fed with poisonous content?
Guys we have a problem. Kenya is at the cliff. We need a national conversation on moral values. No society mocks God and prospers. No country glorifies evil and makes socio-economic development. No country with the unprofessional media like Kenya makes any meaningful progress.
Moral values are the basis of national development and societal stability. The kind of media our kids are being exposed to whether online, TV, Radio or print media will shape their values.
We must go back to the basics and have a national conversation on moral values. Let’s do it for our kids and our future. Say no to dirty content!

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]I have been a supporter of Ezekiel Mutua because what he stands for is the things that can make Kenya great.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Look at these classless women. And these are our leaders :oops::oops:

Well kimbelembele ya wakenya na ujuaji is what blocks our clear vision.
We cannot stop vulgar and obscene things but we can surely try and control and contain, if one wants to view such things, let him make an effort but let’s not have these stuff readily available.
Ezekiel vumilia tu but keep on pushing.

Agreed. Ezekiel Mutua is doing a fine job.

I agree with him on many moral issues. I find it weird that it is always Passaris and some other characters leading the bandwagon against societal ills in the name of defending creativity.
Let him keep his campaign and his crusade. I support his words (where applicable towards norming good values) actions (where applicable towards norming good values).

Wacheni wamama wajinyce.

Kuna ile ya hao wamama wakilewa, another one lawyers wakilewa, kuna pic ingine politicians wakiwa retreat na kiatu ya Malaya iko kwa floor

kiatu ya malaya ndio gani?

People, mostly young people brush of Ezekiel Mutua because they are yet to know how hard it is to raise a child well, in an environment full of obscenities.

Hiyo video ya huyo mtoi nani anayo au link ?

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There’s a pic doing round