Why are women being blamed for being materialistic? Prostitution is not a job

Let’s be frank my people, nobody wants to deal with poverty, infact nowadays chimpanzees are alot more materialistic than women. So if a beach boy is murdered by his sugar mommy, will you blame him for not dating girls of his age or class?

Can broke chimpanzees stop gaslighting women who want to date wealthy men for money or for marriage? It’s not like I’m supporting sex work but you and I know that it’s not easy for a woman to meet a man and go to bed with him immediately because of the nature of female sexuality. Sex is woman at her most vulnerable.

You are naked and alone with someone who is five times stronger than you. You have to be able to trust him not to hurt you or engage in sexual acts you don’t want him to. I mean quite frankly there’s nothing easy about being a sex worker and I believe that is why most of them are drug addicts because you need to be numb to be exposing yourself to such a life.

Either way, this is actually a very dangerous thing to do because these people are strangers and most men who can sleep with women they’ve never met before are not exactly paragons of virtue.

Let us not weaponise this thing against women coz these women are victims. They think the men they’re meeting are sincere and are only after sex. Only to come across ritualists and serial killers. It’s a vulnerable person falling into the arms of a predator. Like a wounded gazelle being targeted by a mighty lion. In the minds of these women there’s something that is amiss to make them turn to the lifestyle. Only for them to fall into a darker pit than what drove them to prostitution.

I think most men don’t comprehend what sex work is like for women bcz a man having sex with strangers may not look like a big deal or something dangerous. So they imagine that women’s experience is the same. Prostitution is very difficult to do even when you are not in danger. Emotions must be numbed. The fear. The discomfort. The stigma around sex workers. I don’t think that a woman in their right mind would do this work if we can even call it that.

Kapoti ulisema utaniwekea ndiasi juu ya hewa at 90 degrees ama 45 degrees ndio nizame ndani?

There’s a very simple question someone asked around that time Shaffie was laid off, and no single woman ever dares to answer it sincerely:

If you left your house locked early in the morning while going to work, why do you place yourself in the hands of strangers while hopelessly drunk without a care? You mean your furniture means more to you than your life?

Look at this lady down here, for instance: She found herself somewhere, naked. Hajui alifika kwa nani, na hajui nyumba gani alienda. This is not a three-year-old who wandered away from the parent’s grip when they were somewhere in the market, nope. This is a grownup woman alienda kulewa akakunywa senseless alafu ameamka uchi kwa balcony hajui alipo.

You think the world should baby such people?

I see drunk men sprawled all over town who are not even conscious. People who behave this way have a problem. A psychological problem. Just like the ones on the street. You are not God to teach them a lesson. If for example I poured water on one of those drunk men I would be beaten for being heartless.

If you have your shit together, that doesn’t mean everyone else does. There’s so many people who are in a bad place in their lives. They are already punished they don’t need society to punish them any further.

Shaffie has a daughter, he’ll find out soon enough that his high ideals are his. Everyone must discover life for themselves, you can’t be talked and scolded into it. It’s very easy to sit in judgement on your high horse until this naked woman on the balcony is someone you love.

The reason people do this kinds of things is because they are not OK. It may look like, a reckless party animal, who is behaving like a child but what is behind that reckless abandon is pain. People have pain in their lives. You will understand when this is someone you love doing this. You will get off your high horse right quick.

Shaffie himself isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue to start condemning others. Whoever did this to this woman is a beast and his day is coming. I know men who do this to sex workers. They throw their clothes out of the car window and then throw them out of their cars. You men think you have it all figured out and you are the ones to teach women and all this guardian role Shaffie and men like you bestow on themselves like that adulterous woman brought to Jesus for stoning.

Its not about you valuing your furniture more than your body. It’s not a logical thing. That I should value myself or my body the way I value my furniture. Sometimes people are just not in a good place in their lives and even if the world or society will be cruel, we as humans who know our frailty should offer grace to such people. Even if we don’t, it won’t help them get better any sooner.

I used to be that person like Shaffie who would really wonder why people do some shit and writing them off, until it was someone I loved. Anyway, pray that you will never have to find out for yourself. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.

You’ve gone off on a very different tangent, just proving what I have said above: that women avoid the accountability part when confronted with a very direct question.

We are simply telling you, as your brothers, fathers, uncles, and friends, that out here, not everyone is good. If you do not trust your home environment enough to leave your door open, then your body and self are even more important; guard them with everything you have and in every way possible. That is the message here, which you people intentionally refuse to take in.

No one claims a high horse here; we are simply telling you that it is dangerous out here, and there are dangerous people. THAT YOU BE CAREFUL. But for some reason, that goes right over your head, and then you start blaming people for pointing out that very fact!


Women and responsibility never go hand in hand, pesa ni tamu, so they’d rather blame the killers who bait them into air bnb

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When it comes to accountability, women become very strange animals! Imagine mentioning drunk men you always see lying around the place in a convo where someone has been murdered! :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

Boss, do you know what it’s like being a woman? Nobody in this world knows how there are dangerous people out here than women. NOBODY. We start facing sexual harassment from adult males when we are still in the single digit age. We live in constant fear of men. Not just strangers but even relatives and workmates. Personally I have a knife to defend myself against men in my office desk. I hardly ever get home after dark.

You think that you are the ones who know how dangerous the world is than women? As a woman you worry about how you talk, dress, sit, walk, smile, eye contact being misconstrued as a welcome mat to Predators. You can’t even be on a stairwell with a man during the day without fear of his attacking you cross your mind. You are in constant fear of men. You even don’t want a man near you on the streets. You can be a 50 yo woman but a teenage boy would scare you. At my age, dressed very conservatively, I still get harassment from men 10 - 15 years younger than me. I would wear a ring if I could stand them bcz men are just on another level which I will never comprehend. It’s just never stops. It’s so tiring.

Hebu watch this before unilete misomo about things you know nothing about .

You know all that, but you still want to be reminded that you should not hang out with strangers in hidden spaces.

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:grinning: Its everyone else’s fault, not the woman’s. No one is saying that the killer is right, all men have condemned the act!..but on the same breath, these feminists will not acknowledge that there’s something wrong with the female :thinking: :smirk:

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Which feminists? Infact let me reliably inform you, men are 80% of the murder victims so I don’t know which advice they didn’t take. They were in hidden rooms with strangers? How many times do men sleep with strangers for example those who use prostitutes regularly. Looks like the femists overlooked that part when it comes to men.