Why Are So Many Africans Scared Of Their Own African Religions?


[SIZE=7]Why Are So Many Africans Scared Of Their Own African Religions? [/SIZE]

Because African religion hold no water and they don’t make any sense

Toa upus hapa

Kwa hivyo mababu zako walikuwa wajinga?

Kama mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka, Mtoto wa Wajinga ni…

I guess a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago who is his own father and son and impregnated his virgin mother and had to die for our sins because he let a talking snake into paradise to lie to his beloved creations makes more sense to you !

If I had to choose a religion let me face Mt Kenya and bow to a mugumo tree anytime !


this negro,does he know the difference between a mask and a statue?
Anyway,africans are not afraid,they flow with the time,facing mount kenya ain’t a fad anymore to the youngbloods

Christianity is fucking insane if you really think about it. Can you imagine how that conversation with your great great great grandfathers went…
White man: Hey! you there. I have come to tell you about God
Guka: I already know about him. He lives up there in the mountain. i pray to him
White man: That’s not the wrong god.
Guka: How do you know?
WM: Coz i have a book
Guka: What’s a book?
WM: Its a thing were we keep track of things said
Guka: Did your God write the book?
WM: Kinda…he told some people how to write it
Guka: How do you know?
WM: Coz another guy who said he was appointed by God said so.
Guka: TF…So only people who are speak to your God can write books? That makes it credible!
WM: Oh no…plenty of people can write…
Guka: so how do you know they didnt make the stuff in the book up?
WM: Because I have faith that they didnt?
Guka: And why do you have faith that they arent lying?
WM: Coz I have a book…

Nowdays they use gifts like healing and prophecing to lure people. But the truth is we had traditional healers and mugo wa kibiru. It is the same old shit but given a new name

@atheist something right up ya alley is brewing here…
I always maintain that if its the shineye who had somehow managed to get to white man’s land first,the white man would be praying facing mount Kiinyaa.

Mbona hawakunda dawa zenye zina weza tumika mbaka saa hizi vizuri?

Atheist doesn’t believe in god whatsoever

Now come up with a skit for mocking islam

Same way you believe in your traditional witchcraft is the same way others believe in their respective god

Go back to your grandparents and ask them why they abandoned the worship of idols (or whatever they used to worship) and chose to worship Christianity…

Truth be told Christianity isn’t such a bad religion Jesus’s teachings were good especially the sermon on the mount.If you ask me Paul is the one who corrupted Christianity.

yes they were believing that God lives in Mt Kenya is nonsense. Believing that if you make sacrifices you can influence the weather is also nonsense

Ilikua ni ujinga walikua wanafanya ndio waka pewa alternative wakawacha

Don’t you havr this same shit in your bible? ama i choose what you want to believe from that book?


Succintly put. The only truth about all religions is that they tell fantastic tales

The religion of the conqueror is the one always followed. Just look how islam spread throughout north africa and the middle east and parts of europe. Or how shaka’s sangomas held sway over territory he conquered.