Why are men so hostile to service staff?

Recently I was at one of these outlets with my female friend and we were next up so the guy who was infront of us was unhappy about the piece of chicken he had gotten, now, the cashier was there at the till and so was the manager, a male manager , he was older than the male customer, so the guy started complaining about the size, then he really got worked up, mpaka he started making passionate movements, so my fren and I put some distance between us because his voice was getting louder he was becoming more and more animated like it escalated fast and we kind of getting scared the guy may get physical because what was happening was the manager was speaking in a very low tone of voice and he was being assertive and the customer didnt feel like thats how service staff should react to a disgruntled customer and as he was getting more and more worked up , the manager was doing what alfa mails call holding the frame, he wasnt getting phased, he stayed calm , he used the broken record technique and best of all he never apologised . So the customer was like mutaona, like he will report to some guy who is a boss he knows. So when he threw his hands and left the till still visibly angry. So my fren who has the wankiest comebacks you can imagine looked at me and said, ananyesha, so the tense environment was diffused coz even the manager under attack laughed and then we ordered the same contentious chicken we are too hungry to complain about the size, the funniest thing , the manager went to the kitchen and choose for us the biggest pieces. Lol. The Lord works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

When I was in campus over Summer Holidays I worked at my parents restaurant at Hurligham as a waitress. OK. Cashier too and sometimes I would chonga viazi too. So I know this drama kings and Queens who unleash terror and say anything to service staff. By the way you would think women are the ones who like causing but by the way it’s men who are the culprits. Women complain if queues are jumped vitu kama hizo but not portion size or size of the piece of chicken.

Guys let’s respect people who work at restaurants and fast food joints. After you threaten some one over something they cant do jack like size ya kuku. Why should you cause a scene just take your business elsewhere. I talk with my money and my legs. It’s not personal so don’t go postal on some innocent staff over a straw or a piece of chicken. It’s not personal boo. They’re in businesses and you are hungry, you don’t need to fight or even utter a single word. Ask for your money back and go elsewhere after all hoteli ni mingi Sana others are even closing due to lack of business. So you don’t need to catch feelings a whole grown ass man with kids over a straw or size ya ingoho. Just be outta.

Personally I can’t eat if I am angry so I don’t even understand how that guy managed to eat the small pieces of chicken but frankly shida zingine ni za kujitafutia. Do you think that now after you have caused a ruckus the chicken will expand? We jipatie tuu High Blood Pressure. As for me hoteli ni mob. In any case hata ukiambia mtu kitu pole pole bado ataskia. You don’t need to lose it for some one to take you seriously. One time I found out a girl at a convinence store was inflating prices by 20 Bob, so obviously that is stealing, outright theft but I didn’t go to rarukia her. I just told her some body else would have ensured she was fired na kutoka hio siku akiniona ananisalimia kwa heshima. You can not bully people into respecting you or doing right by you but you can calmly state your expectations and if they do not improve please take your business elsewhere. You need not turn into a beast. It’s just not necessary.

If there’s something stressing you out, please usiende kulipukia waiter ama manager coz hakuna mtu Hana stress wala shida. Please let do unto others as we would have them do to us. Coz karma is real folks. Tuheshimu Hawa watu wa dogo coz God will hold us accountable for how we treated them.

Recently I saw an article about Amaica hotel where they fired a waiter bcz he went to take care of his life who had a stillbirth. Sasa surely mwenye Amaica ni mama. Amezaa hawezi hata hurumia the young couple and it was even their first child? Proverbs says when you oppress the poor you insult God. Also those of us who own establishments, staff welfare ni muhimu you must balance it with making money that why you have high turnover of staff yet muhindi anakaa na staff hadi wanazeeka out of loyalty. The trick is staff welfare. Sio poa mtu analala akilia usiku, bcz of your inhumane actions. Sio poa hata kidogo.


Am very friendly but wakileta ujinga am not very pleasant.

I have not read what you have typed but what i can say is wanaume ni kulimana mangumi kesi baadaye na wakipatana na feminist kama wewe unakula slap mbili moto unatulia

Watanipata wapi? Unless in the virtual world. And even here I will just block your sorry ass and leave you stalking me like Karoga and his team. While I continue with my feminist ways to your chagrin. In the real world Watanipata wapi kunipiga hizo makofi? They can not fikia my ivory tower. So endeleni kuota. As long as hunilishi ni nini utawahi niambia? You ain’t got nothing on me. Hasira Pelekea Bibi yako huyo ndio umelipia mahari mbwa mwitu hii.

Peleka toxic femininity huko trumpland to the beta males, hiyo upuzi yenu mkileta Kenya mtajua hamjui ghasia

How do you juggle between being a Christian and dishing out these nasty barbs. It was never meant to be so.We are called to be different.

As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

I stopped reading when you said you worked as a waitress.

Do you read your Bible comprehensively or selectively. Did Jesus not call Pharisees a brood of vipers and a rotting tomb? I’ve not even gotten there. Sijaita mtu maiti yet. I’m keeping a respectful distance bcz a servant is not greater than her master. Like if He was a good Christian Jesus should have understood that He was called to be different as in nice. Not to beat people in a temple. Be nice. Ask them nicely like a good Christian. You guys don’t you know this is wrong, what you are doing? When Pharisees would step to Him to mock Him He would piga them a hot bomb. So I don’t know what Christianity you are talking about bcz first of all Ive never stand up against anything wrong here. My friend that is not what we were called for. Nobody here doesn’t know clearly what I stand for. Bcz that’s what a Christian is called for. Not to people please and put up with all kinds of nonsense and evil and say nothing bcz you don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable? Let them be comfortable in their sin and go to hell in a basket. Discomfort and conflict is the elixir of the conscience. Not niceness and sweetness. You can step to me to reprimand me bcz I stood up to this bully but when they’re talking all kinds of nasty shit, it never occurs to you that you should voice your disapproval. So you are called to just sit in a cesspit and never clearly state what you believe to be right and wrong. Do you understand that John the Baptist could stand up to Herod and tell him to his face to stop screwing his brothers wife has a better place in heaven than your nice self? If it was you, you can not even stand up 4 what is right, for what you know to be right, in an anonymous forum, how would you tell off a president like John the Baptist?

You know I am very different. I am more different than you. I can step up and tell pple on here that a blow job is a sin. A Christian isn’t supposed to be a sweet malleable person. A Christian is a warrior. To shut down nonsense and crap and plain evil masquerading as machismo. Even Jesus said, I did not come to bring to bring peace but a sword. War between a mother and her daughter. A man and his son. For the enemies of his own household. So basically anybody who isn’t toeing the line isn’t down with the principle of Jesus even if they be your father or mother is the enemy.

OK. So stupid people here who think they can disrespect women, bigoted people who say it’s fine to hit a womans head with a hammer and they can go whore, go be deadbeats, go sleep with sex workers are not my friends for me to Bembeleza them. They are freaking enemies. Do you understand that? Enemies of the kingdom of God and should be treated with the contempt that they deserve.

Before you point one finger at me remember three are pointing at you. Check what you were called to bcz I am clear I wasn’t called to be a nice guy while pple who are going to hell anyway talk whatever evil wamezoea kuongea with no resistance from the so called Christians on this forum. They’re very brazen talking about what their master Satan stands for and the kind of wicked things they are doing to serve him, they’re maximizing this platform for promoting their demonic activities and ideologies. How comes you are not as brazen to speak about what your Master stands for and against? Yet those here worshipping Satan and serving him diligently never tire and never shy away to push his evil agenda on this forum.

It was one of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had. It made me a more compassionate and patient person towards anybody who works with customers. Anytime someone asks me what was my most memorable job I always say, it was when I was a waitress.

You do not have to write such a long essay, but all the same it’s not only men who act this way, even women. It’s just a disease of our times, with financial empowerment and over entiltement.
My reply is based on the first few sentences.

If it was Kempinski we could talk of entitlement but at a fast food place like MacDonald? In fact in high end places pple are very polite.

Well it’s still entitlement regardless of where it happens, add that to lack of respect for other people. It’s alot common in our times, very few humble people.

Huyu mtu hukaa huongea nonstop kama kasuku kwa nyumba. Woe onto the unlucky fellow…

I doubt if there is a man who can stand her.I’m 100% sure she is single.

All your ktalk posts should now be compiled into a book. Infact not just a single book but several.

So the moral of the first story is that the manager served you with a big piece of kuku…chieth

Did you feel compelled to give slices in return for such a favor?

I didn’t pick on you on the assumption that am more righteous. Nope. But i don’t think a spectator would differentiate between the good & bad guys if you go after them using their weapons (insults). That would be the same as Peter arming himself with a knife. If you look carefully, Jesus used those words on people who were religious (ie they knew the law and purported to keep it) .But to non Jews he was very different. Why did jesus remain quiet when he was asked quesions by pirate? Rem when he was asked, " and what is truth?". Same case with Paul. He only used those strong words on Christians who already knew how they were supposed to live. Why was Paul not hostile to the Athenians ?

Ata nashangaa crude behavior is mostly received from women in restaurants like 70% of the time it’s a woman bitching na maringo.

If a survey was conducted most waiters would say they would rather serve a male customer.This woman is a dumb bimbo

Bye boy. Btw the only people I fear not standing me is people who can affect my bank account ,my parents because I need their blessings and God because I need heaven . Nyinyi ni meffi. The way I never think about my shit after I take a dump, is where you are. No sooner than I see you running your mouth at me I offload you like the piece of shit you really are,and I forget you exist and never give you another thought ever again in my life. Meanwhile you you are obsessesed with me, following all my posts, trynna get my attention, getting more and more pissed at me. Bitching with your fellow losers bout me. LOL. Whose the chicken then? Me who forgott about you or @Karoga and ilk who cant miss anything I post ,I am sure he wakes up at night to check if Ive posted anything .LOL. How does it feel to be so powerless ? I dont care if you can stand me or sit me. Your standing or sitting is of no consequences. endeleni kuongea shit mukichoka mutalala. You have now joined my blocked list. Oblivion baby. Go stand me there see if I care retard.