Why are ladies all out to spoil male related character movies?

[SIZE=7]Ocean’s Eight (2018) - Boring[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - IMDb [SIZE=7]- Boring[/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE=5][SIZE=7]JAMES BOND - No Time To Die (2020) - Potentially Boring[/SIZE][/SIZE]

Daniel Craig is still the lead in James Bond no time to die or why is it here?

Wanaume wengi walisahau movies kitambo…ulicheki vile Bumblebee the whole movie was all about some woman marinating in a bucket of estrogen; tears all over? Kama huwezi jinyce na gaming console, enda tu uwatch news.

Utapata hapa jamaa anageuzwa awe beta male. Its rumored that James bond will not be like previous ones in this movies atakaliwa kabisa while the black female will be elevated to be alpha.

The current climate in hollywood is to please feminists thats why many current female action movie stars are like Steven seagal kwa vita hawalemewi.

Leftist chieth,they are invading male roles and movies with a lot of impunity

Men In Black = pure feminist bulshit

That shit has been lying in my laptop untouched since it hit the torrents. I ha da very strong feeling it was a shitty movie

I watched this last night, and it was by every word boring indeed. The script was all over the place and very weak. The female cast was also very very weak. After almost four decades since the first Terminator movie, it was only expected that Sarah Connor (Dont know her real name) and Arnold to lose their magical touch. Not even Cameron behind the creative process could save this movie. And oh, in the history of villains, there’s never, I repeat, never gonna be a better villain than this guy here and Thanos The Great. [ATTACH=full]283529[/ATTACH]

Nowadays I like to go back to watch classics. Same way I listen to 1990-2010 albums. My only problem is I cant get 4k movies.
Anyway I watched American Pie over the weekend and I dont know why I love the series with the original cast a lot.

There’re guys who patiently download them. But you need a hard disk for that. You leave them with the hard disk then come collect later with a bunch of movies in it. One movie is like 35+GB
A talker here recommended www.yts.lt for downloads but they only have movies in 1080 BluRay

Actually nowadays kuna HEVC where a single 4k movie is not more than 5GB

Naona ni kama tuko wengi. Mimi ugonjwa wangi ni 3d. Hata kama hiyo download ni kubwa aje nitaingojea mpaka imalize.

Stopped watching Ocean’s 8 midway while mouthing ‘what the actual fac is this?’ there are plenty of tales with a strong female character which I find repulsive.
This gender fluidity nonsense is on another level, thank God for GTA San Andreas and GTA V.
Btw there are some female gangsters in the new gta v, very weird this content being generated

Which sites do you download from?

Si women are sweet

And to make it worse they make a woman who is like 5.1 feet as the leader of the resistance. Even their target audience who are women did not like this crap.

Quite a lof of female actors have lost their appeal. If they have not then they have been run down by toxic feminism concepts. The only female actor right now in the game who has got that Midas touch is Cynthia Erivo.
[ATTACH=full]283689[/ATTACH]Her performance in Bad Times at the El Royale was just clean. I heard that she’s also that new James Bond chiq in the new flick.

torret sites eg 1337x