Why Are Kenyans Obsessed with Fat Chicks? Mimi Hapo Pia, I Love Thick Women!

After years of research I have come tot he conclusion that 80% of Kenyan straight men prefer Chubby women. Fat chicks are warm. What is your flavor?

Years of research at your mum’s house?

Chinese youth are busy researching on the next 6G technology na wewe huu ndio umafwi unaweza fikiria saa kumi mchana. See your life

Meen fckd up Nation

Research ni research kwani iko nini

Wewe research kutomba babako mkundu umbwa hiii

Kuna BBW wale wako thick poa. In shape. Sio hawa momo. From waste up amefura matako ndogo miguu ndogo…mchagua jembe si mkulima

Mimi kama beast wa gym this is my minimum qualification.


Most Kenyan men are losers and momos are for losers who can’t afford fitter women.
Example, go watch the red carpet at award shows huko mukuru kwa Trump. You will notice wealthy men with fit women in tow. Hapana tambua chubby women.


Wekeni picha basi nyie