Why are Demonstrations always violent; programmed into an Addictive Behaviour?

Anything done over and over can become addictive. Violence becomes an automatic response to a negative emotion or to gratify a thrill. Once it becomes an automatic response, you start to resort to it without any conscious thought. Over the years we have witnessed these ritualistic behaviours, the uprooting of train rail lines, stoning events, burning of properties etc.

Why is no demonstration ever peaceful?
Demonstrations are never really demonstrations until there are some deaths because it has become a need, part of the addiction ritual.

The presence of police or other persons may trigger an automatic response to throwing stones even when there is no provocation; this then escalates to a situation where people die.

The nature of additive violence does not still itself until it is reported that some deaths have occurred. This justifies the cause of the irrational additive behaviour; it keeps people from ever seeing there is an underlying cause for those emotions and there are alternative ways to deal with situations.

Numerous Men are often seen running around in a state of semi undress during these bouts of violence, which may be indicative of a titillating behaviour. when this behaviour become additive it can be turned on anyone and any situation and may not always be confined to situations of politics.


When you have nothing to loose, there is a possibility that you wouldn’t respect other people’s lives and property hence the rampant looting and destruction as witnessed at Raila’s Bondo send off on Friday.

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I believe the answer to be simple. What we called them demonstrations are not demonstrations in the conventional sense; in other words in Kenya, a demonstration is not an expression of an idea or thought. We have redefined “demonstration” to include incessant chanting of insults, looting of private property, wanton destruction and stoning and general mayhem. When you define “demonstrations” this way, then it is easy to understand why it cannot co-exist with ‘peace’. Our further insistence that the above behavior qualifies as “freedom of expression” makes this subject an amusing one to reflect upon.

We should also not forget that a political contest demonstration/protest is an oxymoronic idea. Politics is usually about the bitter expression of differences of opinion; the very notion that you can use a demonstration to express these differences of opinion AFTER you fail to win a popular following, is silly.

PS: Demonstrations by definition not violent. Kenyans have just re-defined what demonstrations are .

Not only Kenya… however as much peaceful demonstrations are witnessed around the world, majority are still violent… e.g Honk Kong China, South Korea and yes ata hapa US. Violence is usually triggered often most by police.

That is not true. Violence is triggered by extremists whether in the US, Kenya, Malaysia or Iceland. And no most demonstrations are NOT violent! The violent ones ALWAYS make the news but they are few in proportion to all protests. Do a little research.

Small Kweson, why is it that raila’s mob only speaks in luo ?
I thought babuon had national appeal:rolleyes: