Why are Churchill Show Comedians So Facinated By Njungus In The Crowd? Mental Slavery or What?

I was a fun of avid Churchill Show for a long time until I noticed some bullshit in that everytime MCA Tricky or this other guy from Kiambu can’t remember his name, are on stge telling their jokes and suddenly they notice a mzungu in the crowd they divert all their energy towards that single being. They stoop too low trying to please that light skinned fellow. Kwani how deep was the brainwashing on us Africans?

Upus show.

Content ndio hakuna

Hiyo show tuliachia machokora na watoto wadogo

Low Ktalkers kila siku kudiss Churchill show while they are watching several times.

Kuna wale huwa wanasema eti comedians should not use tribal humour eti ile wawe International. If wananifurahisha why nilalamike?!!!

Mwisho, if Churchill is bad would have died kitambo

Mzungu yeyote anaongea Kiswahili analetwa Churchill Show. Ile siku ingine walileta yule makanga mzungu wa Kitengela. Mental slavery.

You should join the show. Your intro in a joke. Can’t stop smiling…

agreed! i cannot sit through a single churchill comedian.


Mental slavery.

I was an avid fan… Fixed

You know it. Typical kenyans.

I used to watch the show when erico was there but i stopped. I dont find the show or erico funny anymore maybe i just lost my sense of humour.

I hate Churchill show.

Larry Asego and Nick Othiambo are the real deal utacheka ukufe

I wonder why people would be amused by the whites. It shows the level self loathing we attach to the black skin.

Maybe it gives comedians easy materials on the fly.

You are what we call a “mature market”. The product being presented no longer interests or appeals to you. I was also a big fan but stopped following it. Hii ni show ya wamama kama @It’s Le Scumbag na watoto kama @1776

That show would be good if they took breaks of about 1 year. The same style that XYZ does.[SIZE=4] [/SIZE]

Not really they just lack good quality.

Sadist detected