Why are churches tax exempt

Why are churches not paying taxes? Is it really biblical, is it because most government use this mega churches for money laundering purposes?

They are categorized under “non-profits”. Same case with NGOs and charitable foundations.

it used to be that church and state were one of the same… popes were king makers and made the rules… the world adopted the system blindly

Church ni biashara kubwa sana. Just imagine how much the Vatican gathers from it’s sheep across the world’s colonies

How is Strathmore School a non profit? How is Nairobi Hospital a non profit?

The politicians are beholden to the church which keeps the kondoo lulled and trusting. The “shepherd” ensures the flock believing-

“Dei Gratia, Rex”

Literally, “By The Grace of God, King”. It is usually written in the title of a monarch.
It means that God has bestowed kingship upon the monarch, not through any personal merit or qualifications, but purely by God’s mercy and grace.

If they fight we will see their vulnerability so they live and let live.

But there should be transparency on income and expenditure to the public. The stupid pastor has millions in cash deposits he should atleast share with the taxman.

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar

Jesus was murdered publicly by the state using the most horrific torture method known at the time.

A church that is one with the state is a fake one.

its all about power… hakuna church legitimate

Shieeeeeeeeet katambe