Why and How was British Empire So Successful?

British empire is and was the most expansive empire to ever exist on this planet? yes, the Britain of today is not so impressive but we all know that English is the universal language of Commerce and the Internet??? how did such a small population of native Europeans Achieve this? considering they needed to beat their fellow Europeans the Germans and French and also the Spanish and Portuguese as well as their Asian counterparts i.e the Chinese and Japanese …

I think, Governance.
Just check how the UK is steered around the organized Monarchy, hadi wa leo.
Ni wakora…wanajua the art of brain drain saana.

They had a strong navy and its position. The British Isles is in a very strategic position. It was and is very difficult to attack it.

Portuga/Spain empire once controlled a bigger territory. They essentially discovered the new world.

They captured and tethered the North American cow but the British and French bulls came to mount.

The Royal Navy, which was extraordinarily powerful and controlled the sea lanes between Britain and her overseas possessions, and a highly disciplined professional army

Not just a navy, Spain also had a navy na kazi ilikuwa kujenga gold -adorned churches na kufanya nchi Ikuwe bankrupt instead of investing the South American loot in industry and trade like the Dutch and English. What worked for the English was divorce from the Roman Catholic church and an end to monarch rule. That allowed them to channel their creativity and produce men like Newton, Robert Hooke, Faraday without worrying about whether the church approves of this new knowledge. These scientists in turn gave birth to the industrial revolution which allowed Britain to invent machinery such as locomotives and the steam engine which later forced them to start looking for raw materials and slaves in Africa and start controlling trade in Asia and the Americas

How comes Spain never colonized Africa?? Seeing that they were the country nearer Africa…seeing that all the three other European powers also colonized the Americas, Britain, France and Portugal?

The British empire controls capital. After the two wars the British empire remained a net exporter of capital.

Sahara desert, plus after Columbus, the discovery of cheap gold in South America in the 1400s directed all their efforts there, hakukuwa na kitu ya maana that needed colonization in Africa, plus South America was discovered by accident because Europeans wanted a searoute to India and China after being mesmerized by stories about the riches of the east by one Marco Polo

We and the British Empire have a lot to thank the Russians. But for Napolean and Hitler attacking Russia in winter, we would now be speaking French or German. So it is that and also that the Industrial Revolution began in England.

Is it safe to say that the Americas wouldnt have been colonized if Columbus didnt “discover” it accidentally??

someone else would have discovered it, Ebu imagine a literal land of milk and honey, with lots of gold, unutilized agricultural land, massive lakes, massive rivers, favourable European weather and a docile people vulnerable to European diseases who didn’t even have iron technology or weaponry. I would go as far and even say that the Americas were more colonizable than Africa, kuna wengine wanasema that Africans and even some Viking tribes arrived earlier than Columbus, word would have reached mainland Europe eventually

This is legit

Because of the treaty ([SIZE=7]Treaty of Tordesillas)[/SIZE] that was signed between the Portuguese Empire and the Spanish empire in 1492, where they basically divided the whole world between themselves as shown below… little did they know a little giant was growing up in the North (Britain)

By the time industrial revolution (IR) happened, it was a response to the massive growth of Britain’s international colonies and business and massive growth in their cities so there was a lot of wealth in Britain, Labour was becoming too expensive so they were looking for way to use machines instead of Human labour…

So it is kind of a chicken and egg situation because IR pushed the empire to new highs and re-established them as a premier nation

It’s one thing to live on some islands in the middle of the ocean but it’s a whole other mind bender to build a formidable navy, beat all your neighbors and even conquer the entire world. The church and monarchy must have helped coz they are one culture hence easy to unite and annihilate your neighbors.

What was the population of great Britain in the 19th century when they were at the height of their power?

But you have to hand it to them brits, these are some strategic mofos. Hadi wanakam deep into Africa na kuwanyang’anya mashamba na wasichana wenu by force.

What I find quite weird about all this is how Spain was able to secure massive colonies in North, Central and South America. What is even more weird is how the Germans missed all these happenings!!

They achieved everything through untold violence and biological warfare on every people they came across. And they carefully erased most of it from the books of history.
Half the things that the British did to expand their empire are not in the record books because of how evil they are.
Native Americans, aborigines, Chinese, Indians, large sections of Africa have all experienced the evilness of the British.