Why am not celebrating Mayweather's victory

Have seen stupid Africans celebrating Mayweather’s win just coz he’s a black. For those of you who do not know, black people in the west seem to despise us Africans despite the fact that their ancestors originated from Africa. These blacks deny their African ancestry, call us “booty scratchers”, claim we smell and some even have the audacity to call us baboons or say we look like baboons. Fyi I do not have anything against them, Am not saying all of them are bad, I show them love some treat me as their own while others give me the cold shoulder.


Majuu by the way kuna beef between Africans & Black Americans. Wanakuanga wametubeba wana sana hao “Akata”


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We are our own enemies…as tupac said its our own kind that are doing all the killing

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I will tell you what i tell Every African complaining about Black Americans/British did this or said that about me nyef nyef…
If you find yourself in a black majority neighbourhood,you need to move!
If you find yourself working in a black/minority dominated company,you need to find a new job!
You didnt travel 7000 miles to live with and around ignorant losers.There are losers in every country on planet earth and even a Somali refugee knows not to go and live in some hoods in Nairobi if they want to get ahead in life.
By the way i think you misunderstood Mayweather.
In this world you have to be positive to attract positivity but its always easier to be Negative and carry on blaming everyone else.


What are you ranting about? Right here in mother Africa, down in Sa, blacks are killing fellow blacks. At least where you are no one is killing you or burning your business.

so we should not enjoy a good fight? hakuna mtu anapenda waafrika whites, blacks filipino, hata sisi wenyewe hatujipendi… so just sit down put your self pity a side and enjoy the fight

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the same way African Americans don’t give a fuck about us we shouldn’t either…they’re ignorant and serikal saidia mentality is 1000 times worse over there.fuck those lazy ass welfare dependant maafakaz


Thanks Kabuda, shall live by your advice

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let none of those black Americans hear you call them African american.

Which is better African americans or niggas

N word

i recall reading a short story back in high school…
Africa Kills Her Own Sun

And what does your ranting as to do with your fellow stupid Africans victor celebration? You might not be celebrating but you sound even more stupid than those celebrating. Your reasoning is very juvenile. I was about to call you an idiot then i realized its not an insult to you

Sorry but you have quoted this short story by the genius Kenule Saro Wiwa out of context. In that story Ken predicts his own execution that was eventually carried out by General Abacha

Mayweather has no boss, promoter etc. He is his own boss, promotes himself organised the fight. What i like about him is that he bought out his own contract so as to be his own boss. What more do you want to dislike him for? I respect him on my part

On the “What has Africa done for me?” phrase…



Black americans are very ignorant. thats the problem. If you go to US you will find that they got half your brain. And they will hate if you even more if you have been through college. But that the problem of being a minority in a foreign land. You go crazy. You cant raise you voice in a place full of people of a different color who are financially better off when you are a small group of poor people descended from slaves. You become a brute ready to dispense violence to anyone who crosses your path. And fuck consequencies.

And by the way, they US is a white country and you go there you will be the black sheep. In most places you stand out and you will feel it because you arent used to being the odd one out. Blacks there have no options of running back to kenya like you because they do not know any other motherland.

About giving. How much do you give to the beggars on the street yourself??? Very few people deserve to be just given. And there no reward for giving.