why am i still a "New Villager"

wewe mundu mulosi and old monk, kindly review and update my status. Mimi ni Elder in this village

Na elections za viti za council of elders ni siku gani?


Just contribute some more.

We are in the same boat @biraru Im a “new villager” for ages now.

You are cute…:rolleyes:

Ni kupitia comments za wenyewe tu mkiwa na @biraru eh? Let your keyboard do the talking. Post some more hekaya.

Kuweni wapole, nyumba za wapangaji zimejaa. Mumelipa rent for how long ndio mtafutiwe nafasi?

New villager not that bad

every month some villager we have never heard of will post this exact question, @Electronics4u and other mods should just refer them to the first thread where this was brought up or in FAQs (if you have one?)

Someone has to sweep the floor after Fperspective has come all over it

But while we are at it, @admin, @Electronics4u and other guys, could you explain; what is the point of having handles like village elder, senior etc if we are all reaching the same spot? or the point system which seems to have a maximum of 113?

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Good question. The admin is working on this issue.

create more positions bwana, hii mambo ya ku mark time kwa village elder si poa. Kuna chief, paramount chiel, generali e.t.c


Be patient my broda… we’ve all gone through the same monolization process…Nowadays I hardly bother checking on my village status

I gave up on the ranking system when junkie and wankernyama became village elders… (Takes up a shield to ward off the coming matusi)


wacha wakameat amalize ku sharpen his sword…*

you are also an elder sir, or do you want to be given the village ancestor rank??

What price is there for being on top?

if thats the story, i have relaxed! let me watch everything from the hedges

Unataka kumumulika na tochi yako?

Your answer:D:D:D:D:DLike a government spokesman.

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