Why a vote for Ruto 2022 is a vote of Patriotism

Ruto is definitely not the best leader for presidency but I can guarantee you he is the best choice for Kenya 2022 because it will herald a era of new beginnings as far as Kenyan politics are concerned. If Ruto manages to be president 2022 we can rest be assured that the poltical careers of Uhuru Kenyatta/Kenyatta family, Gideon Moi/Moi family, Raila Odinga/Odinga family, Kalonzo Musyoka, Mudavadi Wetangula Joho and the rest shall end abruptly.
This means that even if Ruto turns out to be the worst president one thing we can be certain is that 2032 we shall have new generation of Kenyan leaders without any hisotircal baggage. It will be a year, 2032 that Kenya heralds new generation of leaders. If on the other hand the Dynasties and their surrogates win in 2022 then we must be ready for dynastic leadership in Kenya for the next 50yrs. Ruto is surely the better devil for 2022 who we must stick with

A guy who was in KANU since before a large chunk of folks who will vote in 2022 were even born is going to herald a new era of Kenyan politics. Lmao…okay.

Same argument was made for Uhuru, that he was not the best leader, but the better choice. See how things have turned out.

Ahh, Okay. Tema iyo kitu kijana

I didn’t know the meaning of patriotism had changed.
Wealth accumulation over a period of time is a RATE…
Arap Kimwarer’s RATE is up there…
It has broken through the clouds…


Kindly list for us Ruto’s negatives … aka his devilness.

Why not being tamed out 2027 if he doesn’t perform?
You are only seeing 2032. Your arguments are baseless.


Personally, I don’t see him making it in 2027

A vote for RUTO isn’t patriotic…

But it’s the closest thing to it given his challengers are UHURU projects

Get laid dude. Si kila saa siasa

The dynasties loathe him because he doesn’t play ball, he hasn’t learnt his position

Bado mapema kwanza tuone venye 2021 itakuwa

Dynasties must go at all costs.

Boss,hii IQ yako inatishia joh!

2032 we will have new candidates sickness and death will guarantee that.

Raila was not playing ball where is he now?

Playing ball, a darling to the establishment who like a bronc was finally broken

we shall see he is no different he is a thief and will continue stealing like all the others