Whose Heroin? Exposing The Six Most Powerful Drug Dealers Of The East African Coast.

By Vincent Adede Owalla
This is how fear drives us to keep Kenyans off reality and at bay of what just a slight move of the tongue is enough to pull out the suspense. It is quite ridiculous that even the government still lacks the courage to openly name the coastal drug lords associated with the increasing trafficking of which Mombasa is either used as an offloading point or rejuvenation bay in quest to reach the destined ports.

Just how powerful are these Drug dealers that even the authority with the most powerful machinery to fight them is relenting on doing so and instead give numeric that wouldn’t help any way in averting the menace? How risky is it to mention their names that even the government isn’t prepared to suffer the causality? Of what importance are these Drug dealers to the government that the fight against them never seems to be successful?

I first assumed this to be a rumor, that President Uhuru Kenyatta and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho had earlier differed on what to do with the 11.35 million dollars worth Heroin seized in july by security agencies who tipped off the vessel from the interpol and US drug enforcement agencies. The president had suggested that the drugs be ferried to Nairobi to await an advanced forensic analysis by a Russian firm and latter be used as exhibit on case against the seafarers that were found on board and later publicly burnt. Joho was against this idea, basically fearing that he would be kept off the deal. To seal off the difference and agree on what will better suit their interests, Uhuru had to be fixed to officiate the opening of Mombasa International Show which initially, the state house calendar indicated that he wouldn’t be part of.

The idea was never to see who will benefit from the drugs but how to cover up the evidential aspect of the already flown drugs that were originally in the cargo. If KDF officers were really guarding the seized ship and it’s contents, then what about the speed boats believed to be from Seychelles that were spotted being loaded with some stuffs believed to be from the Cargo on the night of 9th August? Were they also KDF officers? what contents were being loaded unto the boats??

As far as Uhuru want to convince us that the ship was exploded with the drugs on board, we know that no drug was on board apart from the powders stuffed in replica packages. WE KNOW that some people, somewhere had benefited from the drugs and the network involves prominent people. In 2011, the US named Kenyan top drug barons and offered a travel ban against them of which the government did nothing about it. The people named included Harun Mwau, Mike Sonko, William Kabogo among others. It has also been revealed that Two GOVERNORS and a senator from coastal Kenya had their campaigns specifically financed by Coastal ( Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar and Seychelles) drug kings to help protect their business routes and trafficking points. In Tanzania the Drug Lords that liase with the Kenyan ‘‘Kings’’ include President Jakaya Kikwete’s son Ridhiwani Kikwete,Mwigulu Nchemba, Juma Kapuya and Emmanuel Nchimbi.

As far as we are trying to associate West Africans with this drug problem, lets know that East African has the worst drug trafficking network in Africa .


the system will never change.

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Mmm, this is news indeed.I now understand why our Minister for Internal Affairs Mr.Nchemba has not commented anything on the war on drugs apparently initiated by the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner Mr.Makonda.Very sad indeed.If this is the situation,it’s difficult to see how the war on drugs can be successful.


To my suprise They All Untouchable