Leo nimeamua kusafisha mecho in some club where whores frequent. Jamaa akaingia akaanza kudance na dame moja. One whore got so mad akanza kuchapa mwenye anadance na huyo jamaa…then she went, sat and started crying . Akaulizwa mbona analia akasema amezaa na huyo mwanaume…I mean, the place is for whores, why would she feel betrayed na jamaa ndiye alimpata huko:D:D

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Whores are also human. They have the same feelings as other women.
This is why I always tell you matapakas to treat them well.
It doesn’t cost you anything to treat another human kindly.


once a hoe always a hoe. Alafu game ya kesho arsenal wanaeza chapa liverpool handicap 2

Don’t you see the irony…she is selling pussy…na hataki kuona ex wake akidance na malaya mwingine:D

Hio labda draw at best juu sanchez atakuwa bench akingoja zamu yake…

I heard women who sell sex or act porn tend to be more monogamous and loyal to their lovers.They are emotionally detached with the sex they give for money and don’t consider themselves as cheating.


Kwa macho yake amewacha kuwa mteja amekuwa @Baba Toto

@Female Perspective saidia hapa…

We’re also human


yea yu rght yu even hv Feelings @Female Perspective

Leo niko hapa Buddha Bar…uko?

Ooh really? How faithful is she? Emotional when u get like 7-10 dicks per session. Wacha ikae


stop hearing


@uwesmake you are also human


The hell is this isht

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sema club gani na wewe na M2random ni mtu mmoja. story zenyu zinafanana sana


Define the following words:-
[li]Loyalty[/li][li]Monogamous. (25mks)[/li][/ul]


That’s twisted juu hio yao ni polyandry.

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no not really I don’t know how to put it but…prostitutes f***k their customers, but make love with their partners.The contrast is the emotions involved.

I guess I am old skool…( ata kwa thread ingine hapo naona nimeongezewa miaka saba juu :D) but I believe that if a man falls in love with such a gal, he should man up , provide for her an alternative solution and get her off the street.

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