I’m thinking of starting a wholesale shop, mainly focusing on cereals, unga, sugar and other fast moving products. budget is around 300k. I would appreciate any insights, or advice from those familiar with this field. Location is around Kahawa Wendani/ Sukari. Anything i should be doing on the side like milk Atm… etc? and where to get the supplies.

Cereals must be very lucrative,hapa kawangware every 3rd shop sells cereals. Go for it

very low budget if ur planning to add a milk and/or oil ATM machine. I suggest you postpone the Atm for later on if ur budget is fixed and inclusive of the products,rent,license,adevertisement i.e (painting ur shop and erecting sign post). Market iko fiti hapo wendani; anza tu mdogo mdogo; suppliers ni wengi usitie shaka as long as you have cash to get the goods you wanna sell

Thanks for the feedback boss

Cool bro. Thanks

Unaishi kawangware na you are allowed to mingle with us hapa?

@administrator there should be vetting

Sauzi C,easich,2 rivers na ungwaro si ni the same tu chief? Im just saying,not insinuating wewe ni wa hizo former area nimetaja:D:D:D

I am afraid I just may get chawa hapa… and everyone home would be wondering kwani mimi hutembea wapi kuchafu hivyo

That explains the perenial chawa carriers in those mentioned areas…I wonder where they got them:D

Are you ready to buy 50 bags of rice at once? In cereals biz wholesale is for supermarkets and schools. Very tough sector to crack


Akiwa tayari akuje nimuuzie mchele, 10 bags upwards