Whoever mentioned TeaTV...MrsD, sand sana : Mind your language

just here binge-watching and reminiscing. Dinosaur me.


Their navigation isn’t as good as Terrarium but their collection is better. They also have a wide variety of links. Today after using it for two weeks, I discovered it has sports streams as well. I have a lot of documentaries to watch. Githeri media continue being aliens in my home.

really ? I never knew. Hebu niichokore.

Check at the sidebar where they ask to update app, it will open up to a section of sports and TV live streams. Everything from NBA to europe to asia

Por Favore?

Cow habari ya pwani?

Mr. Brown: you’re late…
Ali: No, am Ali…

A thousand apologies I can’t recall the name of the French hottie…

Putting the Indian and Pakistan guy in that show was masterful. It was sweep after sweep.

Hehehe… Ranjeet Vs Ali Nadeem…

Mnatumia Amazon fire stick ama chromecast?

Ali hakuwai kosa majibu.

Teacher : Give us one noun
Ranjeet (Sikh) : Idiot
Teacher : you could have found a more appropriate noun
Ranjeet : I could have said Muslim
Ali the Pakistani student goes up in arms ranting allover the classroom

It was me, Friday nakutumia paybill there is nothing for free oo

Yessss, i remember now. Asande sana.

Nimeinstall windows version

Kwa tv ama kwa stick?

laptop. I just downloaded the .exe and installed it on my laptop : https://teatv.net/teatv-for-windows/

Za pwani utaziweza afande? Lakini tuko poa kakabraza