Who would you vote to enter SingPlus #SingWithArtist

Hi guys,
SingPlus just started a CollabChallenge, people in sing+ can join this by challenging their favorite artist’s song.
So whose song you want sing most? Here we pick 2 most popular artist in Nigerian music, please vote your favorite one. Of course you can give your favorite artist and his song in the comment.

Come and join, if you dare to take part in!

Mbona hakuna Kenyan artist? Sitambui wanaija

Tekno Miles angekua kwa list Id have given him my vote.

you can vote Any artist you know.

None… I don’t understand why Kenyans love music by the above listed…

Cool, we will add Tekno if there more people vote for him

you can also list your kenyan artists, music is world wild language for communication:)

You just walked into the wrong neighbourhood son. We dont take polls.weka safisha mecho then we start from there.otherwise zukabaga iko ----->ile side

Akothee baby