Who Will Stop Lewis?

[SIZE=7][B]Hamilton says Mercedes are 'making history’ after eighth straight win[/B][/SIZE]

Thirty six points. That’s Lewis Hamilton’s lead over Valtteri Bottas after winning in France while in the constructors’ championship Mercedes’ advantage is a staggering 140 over Ferrari – that’s more than the equivalent of three one-two finishes. It’s no wonder the reigning world champion said after the race in Circuit Paul Ricard the team are ‘making history’…

This was one of Hamilton’s most commanding victories – and there’s been plenty of them over the years – with the Mercedes able to control the pace and the race from the minute he comfortably converted pole position into the lead before going on to win – his sixth in seven races – with team mate Valtteri Bottas unable to offer any genuine threat.

Mercedes were arguably in a class of their own in France, maintaining their record of having led every practice session and qualifying segment in which they have competed at Paul Ricard. In the race, they were untouchable, though Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc did attack Bottas, who was struggling to switch his tyres on after the VSC, late on.

“It’s definitely been a really good weekend,” said Hamilton. “I’ve been racing a long, long time but it just never gets old. It’s always such a challenge out there and I just love that, trying to find the edge and just bridging the gap and really being on top of this machine.

“But I couldn’t do it without this incredible team, this group of guys here and all the guys back at the factory. We’re creating history together and I’m so proud of everyone, I’m so proud to be a part of this team, this group of people and Valtteri did a good job this weekend as well, so yeah I’m high.”

The man is currently unstoppable although i think that if verstappen had the same car package he would be a huge threat to lewis. Verstappen in my opinion is the only one that can give lewis a run for his money.

Am a lewis and mercedes supporter and i admit that their dominance hurts the sport but we should not blame them or chastise them for consistently doing a great job.

Lewis was at a fashion show memorial for the late karl lagerfield on thursday thats why he missed his media duties and he comes and dominates race day like this?

Lewis Hamilton is in a league of his own.

Abolutely true. Verstappen also has nerves of steel and a very strong aversion to losing. Regarding the Mercedes domination, Lewis ha asked fans not to blame the drivers. They are never involved in making the rules, until very recently.

[SIZE=7][B]Motor racing: Don’t blame drivers if races are boring, says Hamilton[/B][/SIZE]

Ni hizi unaweka hapa…can’t you compose your own

Wawekewe bumps one foot high uone wakenya wakidominate.

Michael Schumacher not so long ago dominated F1 the same way with McLaren.Many used to say every win for Schumi was a loss to F1.
He won everything he could possibly win and probably got bored and stopped racing.
That was before he ventured into ice skating where he got the terrible accident.

Are you sure about ice skating?

Yes but not racing or competing, just as a hobby.
I think he was even on holiday when the accident happened.

You are partly right my brother but you have your facts wrong.
Schumi dominated with ferrari not with mclaren infact he never drove for mclaren.

He never ventured into ice skating although he loved to skii in the french alps and that is where he had his accident. he had actually retired from the sport when he got hurt hurt.

Thanks for the corrections.But McLaren was also a force back then.

No problem and Yes mclaren was a top contender back in the days and i am optimistic that they will be a top contender once again, their perfomance last week was really impressive to say the least.

You still insist? Please check your facts.

What does it matter whether it was skating or skiing?
You get the drift of what I meant, why engage in hair splitting?

At the start of this year’s F1 season, I recall I was psyched up to try & fully follow every event in this racing series; from practice to (especially) qualis & the main races on Sundays. I quickly relegated myself to follow the qualis only by the end of the third race. If my memory serves me right, I think the last thing I watched anything concerning F1 (including the highlights) was the first 10 seconds of the Chinese Grand Prix coz I just wanted to see who will get a good start. In my opinion, after following some other major racing series, F1 is easily the most overrated sport, not just in motoring, but in the entire Sporting industry. I mean, how can a single team (at most 3) dominate the entire pack not just in the main races (8 now?), but also in the practice & Qs? In other racing series, sooooo many factors can determine which team will win a single race, with some of these series even having 2 main races in one weekend just to try create that extra fight/chance among teams. Moreover, the teams that took the 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions in the previous race do get a 15, 10 & 5 seconds “penalty” ( respectively) when they pit, so as to increase that chance of having a different set of teams in podium in the following race. So, as much as Qs are still essential, at the end of the day, its like they just use it to list drivers who had a good/bad Friday/Saturday just for fun. But most importantly, every point counts. So in an event, a team might just need to keep their race clean & be atleast in the top 10 coz they’ll still have a shot as the overall winners at the end of the season…not like F1 where its only the “monied” top 3 teams that usually have a say on who will clinch the title. Its like FIA’s rules in F1 are to make sure the top rich teams always remain at the top. As in, this ish is so predictable & boring that we have these imaginary classes (3 tiers usually) of cars that have almost similar performance in a given season. So people will pay attention here as there can be some interesting bout among these classed teams but eventually, whether its a Williams or a Redbull, they will all be fighting for the same points & cup. Honestly, at some point, its even hilarious to say that Lewis is the current best driver, yet clearly, all the teams in the grid are not evenly matched. Max is a fighter. What if him & maybe Norris or Alonso (before leaving) had the same car package, would it have been the same story? But I understood why Mercedes fans always pointed fingers back to Mike’s dominance in the late 90s coz its just the same F1 crap in different times. Was Schumacher even that good or did these rules play in Ferraris hands to their very adavantage? Coz I recall he still did have some controversies tied to him/his team. Anyway, I just wonder why the really competitive series are no way near half as popular as F1 is, yet some even do offer some live free coverage on platfroms such as YouTube. I am so grateful I kept postponing my subscription to F1 coz it would have been a total waste if I paid up at the start. To me now I just see F1 as a group of rich kids with expensive toys spinning around tracks across the globe with timers on their back; no much difference with rich guys in their 911 gt2 RSs or 488s having a track days in the Nordschleife with spectators just watching them trying to get a good lap time; no real racing competition.