who will accept to loose ?

In kenya politricks is mainly charachterised by egocentric leaders and which are usually tribal based.If unye wins, will Jakuom accept peacefully and step aside or will he rush to court ? And suppose jakuom wins will unye and his team accept defeat and hand over power ! Will there be peace in our beloved country ? Assuming the elections will be free and fair !?

NV, collect your Bamba50 and leave quietly kabla watu hawajakuletea viti vya hatari.


None will have a choice not to accept. The process or constitution is very clear.

Hata hio bamba akujie next year.

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I am deeply worried if UK looses (fair or unfair), yeah I am worried!

I think acceptance is the only option on the table. The subsequent noise however will be deafening.

jakuom has experience in loosing elections so he should do the honourable thing and accept when he looses again next month

That is highly unlikely