Who was Complaining About Graffiti on Matatus?

Don’t begrudge someone just because he/she has a different opinion.

lol me naongea juu ya field ya economics. na agriculture ndio inafeed watu wengi, Kenya si Nairobi. And matatu causes more problems than it solves. Hiyo grafitti ni American pop culture so hakuna story ya culture hapo. Hakuna mtu ataumia

Umekuwa pink handle tena.

sina mtoto

What problems?

huyu mtu anajiita pimpin hoes, hawezikuskiza

hapo sitakusaidia sweetie, adieu

Still. Its economics. The matatu industry was most severely affected during the electioneering period with losses of upto kshs. 75m daily. Thats over 7.5b in 3 months. When a matatu is ignited, the parking attendant gets kshs. 50 or 100. Ikifika stage kamagira anakula 50… sacco inakula 1000 na watu imeemploy… the chain is so long. Regardless, by eod i have, as the owner what should be mine. Kutoka kwa wale wanachora graphics, kufix music na screens… woman, this is not your field of knowledge.

these things don’t follow rules or schedules. everybody copies what the other is doing. others go overboard trying to convert matatus into planes. this “culture” reeks of moronism

How has a layer of carbon fibre increased accidents or reduced safety. How have t.v screens made it riskier to ride in a matatu? How has graffiti compromised passengers safety or that of other road users?
If you can answer these questions then we can have a discussion. On the other hand, as a result of the ‘matatu culture’, not our african culture but urban culture, employment has been realized… informal employment. I see no moronism just a bitter fella.

think about globalization of culture

just a few months ago your conductors were caught on tape trying to rape a girl. like I said, you lack discipline and organization. matatus don’t even use the stages anymore. they pick and drop people like chickens. I just can’t dude

what’s that got to do with graffiti? are matatu crews the only rapists? indiscipline is in all segments of society…

So just because someone in kiambu raped a donkey or goat does it mean all kiambu people are rapists?

Then fuck off and buy your own vehicle …no one will bother you

I have always loved graffiti on ma3s…it’s part of our urban culture…this experience you can rarely get in another country…,.I think ata kuna so many positive documentaries about such…wacha watu wajibambe…

adding a layer of carbon fibre means slight change in stability of the vehicle

IMO Dodi makes better bodies than CF . Hizi za CF zinabeat faster tho zinalook fiti sana.

What ati graffiti ni culture ya america…its a youth culture in every corner…its their form of expression as usual kila kitu ni american for you[ATTACH=full]144017[/ATTACH] although @pimpin5000hoes is exaggerating about feeding ,you blind by saying it is American…know thy self…no one can claim graffiti…fuck sake even the name ain american…how dumb can you get

Kumbe we ni jinga ya kuchora matatu? No wonder…