Who wants to earn Over 6000 in a day???

I was once dragged to one of these seminars pale Anniversary towers… lucky for me I know a scam when I see one…Never fall for these easy money get rich quick shits…

ni noma

i sent this guy a message and he is not responding

This is not turning out as the talker expected.

jamani matusi ya nini

Go liberate the jobless youth in your village and your relatives mkuwe dollar billionaires

310 yako ni ngapi?


Watu wa Aim Global mnasumbua sasa

Mazee all this guys being conned left,right and Centre hii Nairobi should understand basic money economics…The money supply is fixed by CBK so ndo u make money U have to get it out of another person’s pocket.U can get money from someone’s pockect through production (eg manufacturing,employment ) or thru redistribution (eg Trading,import and export e.t.c)That is how money is made…u basivally look at ways to produce or redistrubute wealth o…anything besides that is either a con ama u are dealing with fake money…nobody will give money out of nowhere bana the likes of kina Public likes…look for alternative ways to build wealth na utatoboa,hii Mtaa biashara ikikubaliana na ww imekubali

6000 a day a month = 180,000 and why are you not one of the millionaires? If indeed you are earning such yourself you could not be here making noise for us to earn the same. Rich people hide their wealth and earnings. Go earn that first before Kenyans get conned by ‘earn money fast’ or come i employ you with a good salary. These are the ‘GNLD’ ‘Forever’ guys claiming to earn 10,000/= daily but walking with torn shoes and fainted cloths

Ferk how many Villagers can you ignore in a month ?! Wewe sokwe mtu wa M.L.M [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][SIZE=6][FONT=courier new]potereeeaa mbaariii[/FONT][/SIZE]


It’s called World Ventures…hahah…I’m also a culprit. I almost paid for that Nanzenz. I sat through one of those ‘meetings’ with a Nija Facilitator telling us how we can go to Paris with only 15k …:D:D:D:D…all expenses catered for.

Nguo zinafaint???:eek::eek::eek::eek:

i think he meant faded clothes

i know a guy who put mshahara ya wafanyikazi huko by paying for some other people to join so that he can start travelling,what a bs! siku hizi analilia kwa choo

Nguo za watu wa GNLD FOREVER AIMs GloBal etc ufaint na kufade juu ya msee kufikiria billions hana (fantasy billions) na kuwash-and-wear kasuit kamoja ka kutisha watu hati anamake 10k in a day. :eek::eek::eek:

Usini kumbushe hio " you should be here" some guy I highly respect told me we should have a meeting one evening in town , thinking it was some serious biz I was ushered into some room hapo university way , when it started I thought I was being intiated into some cult , folks where whooping and hollering like apes in heat wacha hio upuzi ianze ,it sunk in I had wasted a evening in town because of this chieth wish ninge kaa nyumbani nikona pingu ama kwa comp na xhamster !!

Kidogo hapo kuna kizungumkuti.