Who wants to earn Over 6000 in a day???

Would you like to earn over 6000 a day…ask me how.
kindly DM me…
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why dm si uanike hapa whats there to hide?

Okay ill be posting at around 10;00 am to tell you all how
But my friend i see uo intrested this aint those jokes its serious business

we are not friends this aint a joke either

My broda why you wan do wayo? 419 matta be dis oo


Hii sweep joh:D:D:D

apa umelima shamba ya mawe.

Enda Facebook komba mwiko hii. This village is made of billionaires, why should we want to reduce our net worth to millions.

Hidden charges…:rolleyes:

:D:D:D:D It’s too early Kah Tony.

sincerely lacking in ambition,just 6000? not 6001?$150/hr that Google pays you?
You want to get villagers interested you have to aim higher.

[SIZE=7]Grade A, BS [/SIZE]

birioneas tumekataa uibie wananchi rudi naijatalk ghassia


So all your kinsmen turned to extraordinary self made millionaires?

Say no to organ harvesters.

[li]Nitazungusha ma thermos na plastic wares mtaani?[/li][li]Nitauzia wasee expensive holidays na ka banner eti “You Should Be Here?”[/li][li]Is it some fancy new alt coin?[/li][li]Ama kuhawk madawa haziwezi patikana chemist?[/li][/ol]

Whatever it is bring it on…huwezi kosa tothi who will fall for it.

GNLD is a very nice company, for getting desperate women to sleep with. I usually go to their recruitments with a car.

Jitaftie riziki kwanza alaf utaftie watu wa kwenu. Ngite