WHO update on False COVID-19 positives due to PCR tests

Things are getting more confusing each day from WHO seems we might have had false positives from PCR tests .



Unashangaa kwanini thread kama hizi hazipati traction. That is why I always say that there is probably a spiritual dimension to this covid drama – juu if this was evidence to push the official covid narrative, the thread would have 100 posts. but because it shows the absurdity of the official covid narrative, it gets no traction! people are desperate to be enslaved.

So basically healthcare providers can manipulate sample specimens to return a high positivity rate by using a high cvcle threshold or amplyfying the pcr test…i hope i ve gotten right.

S much as corona is real, the numbers may be wrong and hence the general feeling that covid is a scam…


Positive Results having more than 35 cycles are false positives but Positive Results between 20 and 30 cycles done to trace COVID-19 DNA are okay so if u go for a test always ask for CT values.

Yap u are right