Who remembers this legend?

Hii website was the coolest of all. Java games and *videos (you know what videos) Yesterday was #TBT and had to revisit it and still works like charm except the many ads. Live long legend. [ATTACH=full]157585[/ATTACH]

I think I got mig33 from there. It was a whatsapp of its time

hahaha WTF

Long live Waptrick.

Gone are tha days


what was special about waptrick? I know nothing

i occasionally get content there some you can’t find anywhere.

Free porn and music

Haha nakumbuka the race against time as teenagers clicking so fast into the categories to safisha macho before bundles run out

Angusha tu hekaya my dear. Tell us…

waptrick was the real deal. i had this china phone that would take forever to download a porn video