Who owns this Kakuzi? I never saw this story in mainstream media?

Ten women were raped by Kakuzi’s security guards, including a 16 to 17 year-old girl who was raped after being caught collecting firewood on the company’s land and another who was violently raped, also after being caught collecting wood, by two guards. Some became pregnant and contracted HIV as a result.

  • A young man was beaten to death by Kakuzi’s security guards in May 2018 for allegedly stealing avocados.
  • Men and women were beaten, injured or unlawfully detained by Kakuzi’s security guards, including a man who sustained serious long-term injuries after being kicked in the head by a guard wearing heavy boots.
  • Thirty-four men and women involved in a protest on September 2, 2014, were attacked by Kakuzi’s security guards, including with a rungu (wooden club).
  • A journalist and cameraman reporting on a protest led by children at Gitutu Secondary School in September 2016 were assaulted by Kakuzi’s security guards.
    The attacks are said to have been part of a pattern of systemic violence and intimidation of villagers by Kakuzi guards over many years and which have been documented by local human rights organizations.
    Leigh Day also notes that the victims have insisted on anonymity since they fear reprisals by Kakuzi guards and others.
    “They have offered to disclose their identities to the defendants in a manner which allows the claims to be investigated but which meets their security concerns. Camellia has flatly refused this and insists that the identities of the victims should be disclosed without any safeguards,” a statement reads.
    Denials and investigations
    This morning, Kakuzi also released its own statement that wishes to “set the record straight” following the publication of articles over the weekend.
    “This is to inform our shareholders and the public that an article appeared yesterday in a UK newspaper, the Sunday Times, which was intended to damage the reputation of Kakuzi and by association, its customers… In July 2020, Leigh Day dropped the court claims against Kakuzi. It has now become clear that the strategy is instead to run a smear campaign against Kakuzi and some of its customers.”
    “This we assert because, as far as we know, few of these accusations have ever been reported to Kakuzi or the Kenyan authorities. The claims having been made anonymously has hindered any investigation to get justice for those who seek it.”
    “In the case of the tragic death of the young man highlighted in the article the matter was reported to the relevant authorities and investigations are ongoing. Kakuzi has settled with the deceased’s legal representatives as appointed by the Kenyan Courts on the civil matter.”
    “The allegations made in the Sunday Times article are against Kakuzi employees committing criminal acts against Kenyan citizens, however, the law firm Leigh Day has made it clear in their communications to Kakuzi that the Kenyan legal system is incapable of dealing with these cases.”
    “In their view, the allegations can only be heard in a British Court. Kenya attained its independence from Britain over 57 years ago. It is therefore unfathomable that a British law firm could assert that the Kenya judiciary is incapable of dealing with such claims,” it says.
    The Kakuzi statement goes on to say that the company does not condone any criminal activities or behavior by any of its employees and that it has requested the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate the allegations of criminality and take action in accordance with the law.
    “Kakuzi remains committed to its core values of supporting local communities through economic empowerment, the continued well-being of our employees and the sustainability of our environment,” it concludes.
    The full statement can be viewed here.
    By Gaynor Selby

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naskianga uko ukishikwa wanakufanya example usiwai rudi uko…hao mawochi.ni bonobos wameamua kulamba mzungu kunyi kabisa

It just shows how Kikuyus are cowards of the county.Even though some victims are always on the wrong, I think they should have resisted the perennial harassment by the guards who are basically the Likhotios,Wafula and Otienos of this country.
The same case applies to those neighbouring Delmonte,huwa wanachapwa na wanarushwa kwa dam na kina Wafula like noones business

this shows we are still under colonialism