Who Knows Any Kenyan Production House that Develops Cartoons?

Hii kitu ya kuwatch tu cartoons za ng’ambo… ni poa, na at the same time, si poa. Since we aren’t a 3rd World country any more, can we at least deliver our own cartoons?

We know there Kenyans out there melting their processors animating the shit out of Maya, but we don’t know who they are, or where they are. So the thing is, sisi kama WatchTV wangependa kudeliver hizo cartoons kwa masses. And the question is - where are these animators? Who are they? Do you know any? Could you introduce us?

Also, visitini hiyo site, na uiweke kwa bookmark na uwatch popote ulipo.

Azande zana.

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You need to work on your feedback boss.

Didn’t I reply? I’ve made an effort to answer every question I’ve been asked, if you check.
But pole sana. Lemme check yours again.


If the returns are great. Most kenyan studios develop adverts


Not ads like faimbaa. Cartoons. Like Mike, Lu & Og, Ed, Edd & Eddy, etc.

I’m very sure kuna wenye wanatoa cartoons. Like, I know there’s that guy who came up with that video game. I think he was a certain musician’s brother? Then there’s that guy who came up with some certain Transformers-like video ya politicians… Wako. Ni vile tu hawajulikani.

Huyo nani tena?

Andrew kagia bro wa DNA N Tina Kagia

Animation is not a one man job. Nobody will be willing to work for long with little returns. If you had a station how much will you be willing to pay per episode for an animation series?

We’re a content delivery provider, not a station, so we don’t buy episodes. We’re here to sell them for you, if you want them to be VOD. Or, deliver them for you free, if you want them so.
We’ll only charge a commission on sales.

Huyo huyo.
Haiya! Tina Kagia ni sis ya DNA?

Based ob your research do you think i can make good money on your platform?

Most definitely, yes, if you make great content. Send me a demo nicheki.

Whats your website?


there is a guy at karen who creates catoons. his number is 0735615041