Who killed David Too, the officer in Ruto's office?

Apart from himself, who else knew he had gone home with an official camera? Was it a setup? Inside job? What was on the camera?[ATTACH=full]342874[/ATTACH]

Ghaseer kwani mmelipwa to feed us this half baked propaganda.
Also, ulisahau you had posted this with your original handle. MF!

Who said I forgot? And then how do you know it’s half baked, kwani you know the full story? Mefi wewe. Natukilipwa shinda iko wapi?

Shinda-to spend the whole day
Shida- poverty/problems/difficulty

Ngomeno wi karatina kana wiku?

Ndî Kieni

The cameras new were around 4.5 mil now depreciated to under a million. The officer just was un lucky vile wasee huibiwwa.


Do us a favour and circumcise Kanini Kega again on our behalf.

Sawa mkubwa

Ile ya pale imara daima majirani wanasema different from media so hii pia tunapewa mtama kidogo kidogo