Who is your favorite female true crime reporter

It seems like true crime is the Forte of women. I will put up my favorite episode of each case done by different true crime reporters on YT. Usually it’s the episode with the highest views. I guess great minds think alike.

Rachel Shannon :She’s very thorough plus I love her eyes and her serious almost traumatized look, she keeps you gripped. Here she’s reporting about the mysterious death of Jessica Chambers who was burnt to death. Main suspect was her black bf but he had several mistrials due to hang juries. Btw she’s also very thorough.



Kendall Rae: She’s the True Crime Softy. She can narrate the most Harrowing cases without raising your temperature. She wasn’t always like that, motherhood has mellowed her.


Bailey Sarian: Her concept of makeup and murder was brilliant. Jeffrey Dahmer is my favorite serial killer so maybe I’m biased but she’s the most famous true crime youtube with about 5 million subscribers.


Stephanie Harlowe:I found her in 2018 when the Chris Watts family annihilation was unraveling in real time. She had the scoop before any of the others. My favorite episode of hers is of Jon Bennett Ramsey which is an unsolved murder and rape case of a 4 yr old beauty queen inside her parents home on the eve of Christmas . This story is one of the staples in the true crime community.


The Critical Kay: Talk about doing a deep dive. She leaves no stone unturned. Her episodes are super long but not like armchair Detective who will talk about one minute detail for hrs.


Genevieve Clough:She went to the Watts murder house in person. Talk about obsessed.


Debe of Chasing a Murderer: I love her intro and she’s my absolute favorite especially on 3 yo cupcakes murder case, Savannah Spurlock(mom of 4 killed by a pastor’s kid) , Kelsey Berreth(pilot and mom killed by fiance Patrick Frazee) and MacKenzie Luicks (sugar baby killed by Nigerian customer) cases that made national headlines.


In crime we always have clairvoyants, or psychics. So far I’ve come across 2, don’t care too much about them bcz my faith forbids soothsaying but I will mention them.

One is Sloan Bella



The other is a black woman her channel is undisputed truth she foretold the true outcome of 3 yo cupcake when she went missing. She does readings using some cards similar to tarot cards to help find missing people.


Christina Randall:former jail bird with a bubbly personality


It’s a crime :The woman is through. She should have been a Detective. The fastest growing True Crime Channel.


Mommy Ramblings:Another Chris Obsessed crime buff


Jimeva Crime Talk: Always first to post on recent crime. Like right now the newest case is about the Milliken family where the husband killed his wife and kids. It’s not even hit the news rooms but baby girl is on it.


True Crime Podcasts by women, get it on Spotify or stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts

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Brenda Strong of Blood Relatives if memory serves me right…the humours top notch.