Who is to blame for the woes of Congo?

Congo is one of the richest countries in the world yet one of the poorest.
Very poor road networks. High cost of living. Very poor citizens.
They have beautiful land for agriculture and plenty of minerals but they do not help the Congolese. Who benefits from the resources?

Why hasn’t it been possible for Congo to free herself?

The problem with Congo is Congolese

USA, Belgium and Nikita krushchev

Leopold II of Belgium

Caucasians, Chinese, and m7, and Kagame, and now Kenya is in the mix. Looting spree.

It’s sheer size (it has 2 timezones) and poor infrastructure.

It’s an intricate web of well planned sabotage by mighty powers kama US,Belgium now ata Kenya ishajituma uko. Its because of the resources there. Its producing so much copper and titanium for the world electronic industry kisolo. Disunited people are easy to manipulate and that’s what’s happening in DRC.

There are two Congos . The Republic of Congo (Congo -Brazzaville) aka Congo and The Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo-Kinsasha ) aka DRC .

We know that, which one do you think everyone is referring to?

C.I.A aka Carmago helped Herod Zachayo to be rigged in and to win 2x supreme court so he can send KDF to protect Teslas,Microsoft,Apples Coltan Mines from the freedom fighters who fighting for fair and equal resources to benefit their people

Corruption is the foremost problem. Even now as they try to fight M23 along the Eastern border with Rwanda, there is prolly someone top in the military and political ranks who is busy relaying information to the state’s enemies at a fee.
All those external forces wouldn’t be successful if the locals were not corrupt.

But there’s one popularly known as Congo, and that is DRC

Assimilation affected Congo’s mentality. Ukiomoka huko unagraduate to France badala ya kubaki Mcongo. To citizens, ni kama Congo ni Ocha na France ni Tao.

France , Belgium and backward Congo Leadership Class …

The history of the congo is sad. The jungus really messed up this place. But that aside, the congolese should by now have stabilized and developed their own country.

I blame the congolese themselves first before kagame and museveni.With over 5M dead they still can’t seem to get a solution for their woes.Ama they are waiting for the number to hit 20M

They are a brainwashed lot busy in Paris Cafes and Bistros or stashing National Wealth in Belgian and Swiss Banks …

They need a Kagame or a Magufuli over there to whip them back in line and ignite their Nationalism …

Bure Kabisa …:mad::mad: